Top 5 Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean [WATCH]

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Keeping a tidy home is an important part of life. A tidy house impresses, makes it easier to get through your daily tasks, and makes you happier. Keeping everything tidy and in order can give you a small sense of achievement, and everybody likes the feeling of going to bed in a perfectly tidy room. But it’s a chore, too. It can be difficult to work up the energy to tidy things up after work, when all you really want to do is sit down and turn on the TV.

There are some small tips and techniques that will improve your cleanliness, making it faster and more effective.

Let’s have a look at the top five methods to tidy you place quickly and effectively.


Folding A T Shirt –

Folding clothes seems like a simple taste, but it’s an easy one to mess up. A crumpled shirt looks messy and unprofessional, so it’s worth learning this quick trick to fold a shirt perfectly in less than five seconds.

Use A Laundry Bag in Your Dishwasher –

 If you have a lot of small things that don’t fit in your dishwasher, put them into a laundry bag. That way you can clean them all at once in the dishwasher. You can do this for items other than cutlery, too (like toys & building blocks).

Get Rid of the Static Electricity in your Fabrics - 

Throw a couple of balls of aluminium foil into your dryer to avoid static cling in your fabrics. This is a fast and easy solution to the annoying static charge that often find their way into your sheets and shirts. 

Get Pet Hair Out Of Carpet Using A Window Squeegee –

It’s almost impossible to get pet hair out of a carpet, but nobody likes the look of a cardigan covered in animal fur. The most effective method from getting these stubborn hairs out is to drag them out with a rubber squeegee.

Stop Your Clothes From Sliding Off Their Hangers –

Soft or small clothes with wide necklines often fall right off their hangers. To get passed this, slide the hook of your coat hanger through the tag of your clothing. This will keep your clothes attached and stop them from falling down.

Even with these tips, you might end up wanting a hand. Home cleaners are surprisingly affordable. Call a taskforce home cleaner on 13TASK.

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