Residential Home Cleaning – Costs and FAQs.

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Everybody likes a nice, clean house but none of us want to put in the effort to make it that way.

Let’s face it: by the time you’ve gotten home from work you’re too tired to start the housework. Even if you do muster up the energy, isn’t that energy better spent doing some well earned leisure activities?

Hiring a residential home cleaning is a great idea and it often ends up being more affordable than you might think.

The average home cleaner charges about $125 to clean a three-bedroom house.

What If I Can’t Afford That?

If that price is a little too steep, you can talk to your cleaner and consider having them clean only specific rooms. Split the house up into something you keep clean, whilst leaving the other parts of the house to your cleaner. It’s a good idea to leave everything that guests will see to a professional cleaner.

Otherwise, you might want to just reduce how often your cleaner visits. Weekly cleaning can be too often, but cleaners are flexible and can do fort-nightly or monthly cleaning too.

How Can I Find A Trustworthy Cleaner?

Word of mouth is your best option – if you know somebody who has had a good experience, they’ll be able to recommend a cleaner (if they have the time to fit you in!).

You can also look for cleaners from trusted networks like Taskforce. We only engage operators that are police checked and have full public liability insurance. This way, you know that anybody you hire through us will be reliable and high quality.

Is There Anything I Need To Do To Prepare?

Home cleaners are used to mess – that’s what their work is all about. If you have personal items that you’d feel uncomfortable leaving around – put them somewhere locked and secure.

Good home cleaners will make you feel completely comfortable that your home is in good hands.

Where Can I Hire A Cleaner?

You can hire a cleaner online at or you can call 13TASK to hire a cleaner anywhere in Australia. 

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