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House keeping is an ongoing and relentless chore that nobody really enjoys. Yet we do it every day because we have to. So if we’re going to take time out of our daily routine, why not find some great ways to save time? There have been plenty of great house keeping tips and ideas, knowledge passed down through families and between friends.

So what are some of these great tips and how can be make use of them? An intelligent idea can be worth much more than stubborn hard work.

Remove stickers using a hair dryer and eucalyptus oil.

Stickers can be very stubborn and difficult to remove. Nobody likes them, yet manufacturers insist on putting them onto brand-new appliances. You would think they’d come to realise that they are permanent damaging their goods. They don’t, and it’s left to us to fix their mistakes.

A hairdryer can soften the glue of the sticker and make it easier to remove without tearing or shredding. Once you have removed the majority of the sticker, you can then use some eucalyptus oil to get rid of the remaining glue and paper.

A warm, wet rubber glove.

Pet hair can be near impossible to remove from furniture and carpet. If your pets shed and leave hair all over the place, you need to know about this method. Tie a pair of gloves closed and submerge them in a bucket of warm water for a few minutes. Remove them, shake them off and untie the ends. Put the gloves on and rub over your furniture or carpet in a single direction. The warm rubber of the glove will pick up any fur or hair.

Shoe polish on old furniture.

Scratched and faded wood furniture can look old and untidy. A simple way to fix it up is to find a matching tone of shoe polish and use this to coat over problem areas.

Grind rice to clean a coffee grinder.

Clearing out the little bits of ground coffee bean can be very difficult. A super easy way to do it is to throw some rice in and grind that up. The coffee grinds will cling to the rice and make it easier to remove. Just pour our the grounds rice and coffee.

Iron wet clothes.

Ironing is more effective with water. If you plan on ironing after washing your clothes, allow them to stay a little moist. The evaporating water will help remove wrinkles and acts like a steam clean.

These simple tips will reduce the time you spend taking care of your house cleaning chores. Our Taskforce cleaner know all of the tips and hints. Give them a call on 13TASK.

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