How to Clean Your Microfibre Sofa

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Are you looking forward to laze around this weekend on your microfibre sofa?  I completely understand you would rather loll on it than wander around a shopping mall. Microfibre’s distinct texture has this soothing effect that can make anybody who rests on it want to stay longer. It is also its texture’s ability to give emphasis to a colour’s depth that makes it a favourite choice for furniture upholstery. So lovable this material is you shouldn’t be surprised that even your pets prefer to doze off on it. And you probably spilled some wine and left some pizza crumbs on it. Thankfully, cleaning a microfibre sofa is an easy process. But if things are really bad, consider professional furniture cleaning services.

What is Microfibre?

Since it was introduced in the 1990s, microfibre has become a popular material for athletic wear, accessories, upholstery and industrial filters. This synthetic fibre is finer than a strand of silk and is commonly made from polyesters and polyamides. Its resiliency, water-repellence, stain-resistance and softness are the major factors that bring it to the top choices of homeowners when it comes to upholstery. A microfibre sofa is an interesting addition to your home; preserve it with the help of professional and affordable furniture services in your area. You can also perform basic cleaning to keep it looking fresh.

1. Dust it Off

    The very first step in cleaning a microfibre couch, or any type of furniture, is to dust it off thoroughly. You have to begin with outermost layer so running a mini vacuum is a very sensible to do. A feather duster is also effective in removing encrusted dust. Pay more attention to crannies or any hard-to-reach areas. If you        have a lot of microfibre furniture at home, you may want to consider hiring professional furniture cleaning services in your area instead.

    I use a vacuum cleaner with brushes attached on it and it is remarkably effective. Very tiny debris clinging on very tiny strands are scraped by the brush. I suggest that you set the cushions aside before carrying out this step, to ensure that the whole body is thoroughly dusted. Once your microfibre couch is totally dust-      free, you’re ready to proceed to the next step.

2. Make your Own Cleaning Solution

    Some microfibre sofas have finishes that could be eroded by strong commercial cleaning products. Retain your sofa’s lustre by preparing your own cleaning solution. After a thorough dusting, it is time to soften the stains with a mild liquid solution. Begin by pouring warm water on an unsoiled spray bottle and mix it            with liquid soap (make sure you’re using a mild one). Seal the bottle tightly and shake it to combine the ingredients well. Once suds appear it means that your cleaning solution is ready. Dish-washing soap is typically used in this process but your liquid hand soap can be effective too. Professional furniture cleaning            services in your area use cleaning solutions specifically formulated for this material.

3. Spray the Cleaning Solution on the Sofa

    Spray a reasonable amount of the cleaning solution on the sofa and leave it for 1-3 minutes. This will give the solution a time to set in and soften the caked grime. Proceed by wiping the sofa with a clean sponge or washcloth and move in circular motions. Be particular of the stained or dirty-encrusted areas. Use a            soft-bristled brush if you encounter exceptionally obstinate stains, but use it lightly so as not to ruin the fibre strands.  Should any blemish prove unbending, I suggest you drop some rubbing alcohol on it. It might break the bonds of the stains especially those that were from oily substances. If you really can’t remove          the stains with this, let professional furniture cleaning services handle the problem to avoid damage to the fabric with arduous scrubbing.

*Going back to step 1, recall that I told you to set the cushions away and clean it separately to ensure proper cleaning. You may use the cleaning solution on the cushions too. After dust and stains are purged out, fill another clean bottle with water and spray it on the couch and cushions to wash off the soapy solution.

4. Let it Dry

    Now that you’re microfibre sofa has enjoyed a good scrubbing, you can progress to the last step. Prepare a clean, dry washcloth and use it to blot the sofa until all moist is absorbed. You may also open the windows to get some help in drying the sofa from the outdoor air and heat of the sun

More about Your Microfibre Sofa:

Water Marks: Remember that microfibre is water and stain-resistant, and not water and stain-proof. It means that stains left unaddressed for some time might lead to bigger headaches. Once a stain has been spotted, try to get rid of it right away. Get the help of professional furniture cleaning services in your area if you’re unsure of what to do.

Water marks are also common to microfibre-covered furniture. These could form when moisture seeps into the fibres, causing discoloration. You may not notice the difference when the microfibre is wet, but it will become gradually perceptible as the material dries. Water marks commonly occur due to prolong exposure of the material to moist, like when you leave wet clothes or moist towels on it. Skin oils and perspiration can also cause permanent blemishes. A number of manufacturers have offer warranties for this type of problem.

Static: One of the major hitches of this material is probably it’s affinity to hair and dust. Dirt, debris and oil cling to this material that is why it is widely used for consumer cleaning. It is very fine so it doesn’t scratch lenses and paintwork so it is great for cleaning cameras, eyeglasses, computer screens and car windows. But this trait isn’t a plus in the furniture department. It can be hard to pluck out hairs, animal dander or specks of dirt from a microfibre sofa.

Microfibre’s electric conductivity can also be a downside. This material keeps electrons that could attract or repel the electrons of other fibres. That’s why your hair and clothing clingy unto you after spending leaning against a microfibre furniture. Pet owners may need the expertise of professional furniture cleaning services in your area when cleaning this material. Although static doesn’t impose serious problems, it can be annoying. 

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