How To Avoid & Remove Fabric Pilling.

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Pilling is the worst! You spend a bunch on an expensive jumper and the moment you put it through the wash it comes out looking like it’s been translated into braille. 

Pilling and lint build up are ugly. They ruin garments and make them ugly to wear. It’s worth your time finding a way to wash and dry your clothes properly to avoid pilling. Your first step is to read the washing instruction label (I know – The worst!), because the manufacturer is often aware of pilling problems and will give your cleaning instructions to avoid them.

But what can we do in general to avoid or remove fabric pilling?

What Causes It?

Fabric pilling occurs when loose fibres rub against an abrasive surface. This mangled and knots the fibres together. It has a tiny snowball effect, clumping the fibres into little balls.

Fabrics that are at particular risk are furry or fuzzy fabrics that have a lot of loose fibres. Cashmere is a particularly notorious fabric for pilling.

How to avoid pilling: The biggest offender in the pilling game is the tumble dryer. Driers move clothes around so vigorously that they cause them to rub aggressively. The dry fibers are also more likely to tangle and pill. Hanging your clothes to dry will have the largest impact on reducing pilling. If you still find that your items are pilling; make sure you follow these tips:

1. Hang to dry.

2. Turn inside-out.

3. Put the garment into a laundry bag

4. Wash with fabric softener.

5. Wash on a delicate cycle.

How to remove pilling: If you’ve been throwing your garments into the tumbler dryer, it might be possible to reverse the effects by simply hanging your clothes to dry. Over time, the pilled fibres will fall away as you wash your clothes. For stubborn pilling, you can use a lint-remover or regular bathroom razor to take the pills off.

Pilling is a simple problem, but it’s not always easy to fix. A pilled sweater or shirt looks disappointingly messy. If you put the time into washing your clothes correctly, you can usually avoid pilling altogether. 

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