Great Cleaning Strategies To Save You Time

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Some of us are lucky enough to actually enjoy time spent cleaning up around the house.

For those if us who don’t, there are a few little tricks and strategies that will make things just a little bit more bearable.

Here’s the big hint: it’s all about staying productive. It’s not so important that you get everything done right away, but it’s about using the time that you do have to make a difference in how your place looks

Let’s look at some home cleaning strategies.

Get one thing clean –

If you find yourself making no progress when you try to clean an entire room, start by focusing on a single object. For example: clean the television and the television stand.

For those of us that are time-poor, smaller jobs like these are often the best way to go. They break the cleaning chore up into more manageable sections.

Don’t let anything stay on the floor –

This is the number one best rule to implement. Nothing looks messier than objects strewn across the carpet.  

Implement a clean floor rule and your place will look 70 per cent tidier.

Throw things away –

A lot of the frustration we sometimes feel when cleaning comes from the tendency to just move things around. We have too much stuff and we don’t know what to do with it. A very cluttered place will always look messy.

So start throwing things out. You might miss them when you first make the decision, but you’ll be surprised how little you think of them once you’ve made the commitment to throw them away.  

Pace yourself –

If you like to set aside whole days for cleaning, creak it up into blocks. Set up a timer that will ring when you’ve been cleaning for an hour, and then watch an episode of your favourite show.

The trick here is to try to avoid seeing a clock. When you know how much time is left before your next break, it tends to make you more likely to slack off.

Clean something in the morning, cleaning something at night -

Before breakfast and after dinner, get something clean. This can be small, but it needs to make a difference.

Packing cleaning into your day like this will make you feel like you’re making progress every day; because you are!

Hire a cleaner –

This is a totally legitimate option. Professional cleaners to a much better job than we could ever hope to do ourselves and it feels nice to see your place suddenly transformed into a clean, tidy home.

You can hire a cleaner through or by calling 13TASK – we have cleaners available Australia-wide.

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