Five House Cleaning Tips that will save you hours

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Cleaning up around the home can be a tiring chore. Nobody really wants to get home from a long day of study or work and then plug in the vacuum. But nobody wants to walk into a messy house either. An untidy house isn’t healthy for you or your guests, and it really brings down the overall feel of your home. So it’s worth learning some simple tips and tricks that will improve your cleaning skills, but also reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning.

Of course, a much simpler way to keep your place clean is to hire a home cleaner. This isn’t always as expensive as you think, and the right cleaner will do a great job. But if you’re set on being a DIY cleaner mastermind, let’s look at some ways to hack the system and clean up on the fly.

Use a ball of dough to pick up shards of glass.

You might have heard the old ‘use some bread to pick up shards of glass’ but it doesn’t work! It doesn’t!
What you can do is mix together some flour, water and corn starch into a thick dough. This will pick up all bits of glass. Don’t eat the glass.

If you make sure that the dough is firm (not sticky) you can even push it into small cracks like the railing at the bottom of a roller door so clean up hard to reach spots.

Clean ceiling fans with a pillowcase.

Nobody likes cleaning ceiling fans that have gathered dust. The dirt can drift down into you face and eyes. Place an old pillowcase over the fan blades to simultaneously clean the blades and catch falling dust.

Use a wide paint brush to clean vents.

Most people give vents and venetian blinds a quick once over and forget about the dust between each horizontal. If you have an old painting brush with a wide head, you can use this to quickly and effective clean in between the horizontal slats of a vent or a venetian blind.

Use chalk to get rid of grease stains.

Got greasy stains on your wall? Get them off with white chalk. Rub over the grease, leave for ten minutes, then wipe off the chalk with a moist hand towel.

Keep a squeegee for your bathroom mirror.

Most of us put the fan on in the bathroom to prevent the mirror from fogging up. But here’s a great idea: don’t. Leave your fan off and allow your mirror to fog up. Then use a squeegee to wipe away the condensation. By doing this, you actually clean the mirror every time you take a shower. Two birds with one stone! Great!.

If your home cleaning is still getting the best of you, call Taskforce on 13TASK. They have cleaners available Australia wide, from the major cities, to the smallest towns.

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