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03 September 2015

Home Automation: The Future is Finally here.

Everybody dreams of a futuristic house, where all of the different appliances are connected, everything works together and everything works well. The technology exists, the expertise is here. So why aren’t we turning our home into futuristic centres of domestic beauty? Calling a Home Automation Installer isn’t even that expensive or difficult (You can call on right now on 13TASK).

Most people just haven’t considered home automation. But let’s look at some of the perks involved with home automation.

Simple controls.

You probably know the feeling; five different remote controls, hundreds of different buttons, settings and options.  Technology doesn’t always feel as simple to use as it should. Home Automation can be set up to reduce the amount of controls you need. You can set the heater with the same panel you use to turn on the TV, and this can all be held in your smartphone.


Sometimes it feels like technology is tearing family apart. If you have teenagers, it may seem that they’re brain have been uploaded to the iCloud. Home automation allows you to keep a tab on how your family uses technology. You can set limits on certain technologies, or you can use it to split up your technology use fairly. Somebody has music too loud in the other room? You can turn it down without leaving your chair.

Remote Control.

As long as you have Internet access, you can control the technology and appliances in your house, wherever you are. If you have a camera installed and you’re a little concerned about your house, you can check to make sure nobody has broken in.
Or, if you’re coming home from a night out and it’s winter and you don’t want to come home to a freezing bedroom, set your home to start heating.

Remote maintenance and support.

Everybody gets a little tripped up by technology; there are always going to be problems for you to get through, and you can’t always just get the young kid from next door to help you. You can look up a solution online, but that’s not always going to get you through your problem. Imagine if you could have assistance on call, with an actual human operator? Home automation systems allow you to do this.

Home automation is a great way to improve your home, boost its value, and make it more livable. Call a home automation installer on 13TASK now.