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16 December 2015

Hire A Handyman In Epsom

I’m Mark Folwell, your local handyman for Epsom, Bendigo and the surrounding suburbs!


I have years of experience and have run my own small business.


How To Hire Me

If you’d like to organise a job or make an enquiry about work, give me a call on 13TASK or go to and book a job.

            I’m always happy to talk a little more about what you need done before committing to a job or quote.

Hire a Handyman In Epsom

About me:

I started my business because I love what I do & customer satisfaction is what I’m all about.

            I’m completely independent and own my own small, local business. I’m also a member of Taskforce; a network that supports small and local businesses. Any work that you book with them will come through to me.


What I do:
I do everything you might need done around the house that doesn’t require a special license (like electrical work and some plumbing).

            I specialise in painting and decoration, but I do all kinds of handyman jobs, no matter how big or small.


This includes, but is not limited to:

- Frame mounting – Home repairs – Backyard projects – Furniture construction – Toilet fix – Appliance repair – Fence repair – Fence construction -



Where I service:

I’m based in Epsom but I service all of Bendigo and its surrounding suburbs.


What I stand for:

My work is all about quality and customer satisfaction. I love the work that I do, I take pride in what I’ve done and I work hard to ensure that I leave a great impression on everyone I work with.


Give me a call now on 13TASK or book a job online at