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29 April 2015

Helpful hints - How to have a healthy garden?

As you head into winter, it’s likely your garden may have seen better days. Summer has no doubt taken its toll on your lawn and some of your favourite plants.

Guess what though – it isn’t too late to turn it around! Winter is upon us, and the wet season gives your garden time to recover before the colourful spring time.Garden tools

Taskforce are happy to provide some helpful hints to get your garden back in shape, and on its way to being healthy again.

Do you get jealous of your neighbour with the healthy looking garden? It’s not luck – they do work hard for that result. These neighbours no doubt enjoy their gardening – because to them, it is a fun exercise, not a chore that feels laborious and draining. Enjoy the experience and fun of having a healthy garden. It’s therapeutic.

A well-maintained soil will assist in growing healthy plants. Ensure you feed the soil with organic matter that helps nourish the soil. Digging around the area you are tending too allows for the area to become stronger with added nutrients, and is also known to increase water-holding capacity in the area. A happy healthy soil will often be home to worms and other organisms.

During winter, make sure that you spend a bit of time every few weeks treating to soil and digging in areas of concern and adding new mulch. By the time summer rolls around, the soil will be happy, healthy, and fruitful again before the long summer ahead. Winter will allow the plants to have a good long hard drink – but don’t rely on the rain to do all of the work.

The longevity of your gardens health is your responsibility at the end of the day. Your efforts will be rewarded with a gorgeous and healthy garden to enjoy right through both winter and summer.

If you require help for your gardening needs, ensure you seek the advice of a professional. Taskforce Gardening Services can assist you during the wet winter weather, and also help maintain a healthy garden during summer. Contact Taskforce today should you require assistance with your garden.