Fireplace Options: The Pros and Cons

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Several other factors must be taken into consideration when picking a fireplace for your home aside from efficiency. Each available option has its own advantages and disadvantages, which means picking a fireplace is more of a personal decision. The most important things to ponder on are the costs of operation, environmental impact and convenience. You might also include the type of ambiance it creates.

Electric Fireplace

This type of fireplace has garnered a copious amount of popularity in the past 10 years. So popular that you can find a section in huge home improvement centres devoted only for electric fireplaces.

It’s not difficult to love electric units. In terms of energy efficiency, they are certainly commendable. If you’re determined to contribute in the preservation of the environment, you should consider an electric fireplace because it doesn’t release pollution.

Another concern with fireplaces is the safety of children and pets. You won’t have to be anxious about it with electric units because the heating component is hidden very well, unreachable to curious hands. There’s only a blower that propels the warm air into the living space. A lifelike flame is also displayed to create a desirable ambiance.

Most units these days have timers and a remote control so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to adjust the temperature. Also, they are very easy maintain. Just give them regular dusting.

Gas Fireplace

If your goal is to create a dramatic atmosphere and you have to choose between a gas and an electric unit, go for a gas fireplace. This type of fireplace uses natural or propane gas with ceramic logs that scatter the fire to make it look like there’s actual fire. Yes, they work clean, but they still release some carbon monoxide, which means you still have to install a chimney. This is when the cost goes to the ceiling because chimney installation should be performed by professionals. Also remember that the chimney is immovable, so you have to choose a location carefully.

Wood Fireplace

A huge budget is needed for a wood fireplace. You have to pay for the chimney installation, plus the fireplace itself. Although the scent of burning wood and the sound of real flame can be soothing, the cost of operation and maintenance can make you think twice about choosing a wood fireplace.

Heat can escape through the chimney, which can result to reduced heating efficiency. You can prevent this by installation some components, but that’s additional expenditure. Also, you have to keep a supply of wood.

If ever you decide to go for a gas or wood fireplace, make sure to hire professionals on chimney installation and maintenance Australia.

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