Ducting Options for Your Home

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Ducting is a vital component of an HVAC system. If not properly installed or if the material is not fit for the type of system that you have, your heating/cooling bills will definitely swell. Here’s a short guide to finding the right type of ducting for your HVAC system at home.

Rigid Ductwork

It is the most popular option for residential settings. Rigid ductwork is available in sheets, rectangular and cylindrical metal, and fibreboard. Some are even completely insulated.

This robust ductwork may be pricier but it is also the most resilient ducting option. The only drawbacks are the challenging installation due to its resilience. Make sure to use support brackets made of steel only to prevent pipes from shaking. Do not forget to seal the joints with a tape.

Sheet Metal

Under the rigid ductwork is the sheet metal ductwork. This type can be made of either steel or galvanized aluminum.

Ducts made of steel have excellent tensile strength, however, they can harbor mold and other microorganisms. The aluminum versions are lighter and easier to install but their non-porous surface prevents mold or bacterial growth. Whichever suits you, look for something that comes with an insulation wrap.

Fiberglass Ductwork

Fiberglass ducts are basically made of metal sheets that are padded with fiberglass. You may use it indoors or outdoors, but be watchful of leaks because the linings can become damaged when exposed to heavy stress. HVAC maintenance is also tough because fiberglass is a bit sensitive. But it is outstanding in diminishing the noise of an HVAC system.

Fiberboard Ductwork

If you don’t want to go traditional but are also not ready to take a dip on a more modern option, consider fiberglass ducting. This type is made of fiberglass strands that were compressed and then treated with resin. Moisture protection is added by laminating it with oil.

Fiberboard ducts have superb insulation properties; however, they are also prone to mold growth due to their porous surface. Your HVAC technician Sydney may not advise it for ventilation applications.

Flexible Ductwork

You’ll be delighted with flexible ducting when you have to deal with tight areas like that around air supply outlet. Flexible ducts are made of plastic and wire coil. They are more affordable than rigid ductwork and are usually equipped with insulation. However, the installation process can be tricky and requires seal and supports.

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