What jobs can a handyman do?

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Handymen are great to hire when you need something done around the house. Although they often claim that there’s ‘no job too big or small,’ it can be hard to know exactly which jobs a handyman is capable of doing.

Below are some examples of jobs that handymen often do.


Furniture Assembly

A handyman is perfect for those annoy assembly jobs that takes hours out of your day. If you have some new furniture that needs to be set up, a handyman will bring a little experience and knowledge to make it a much faster, more seamless job.

Carpentry Repair

If you have a bookcase or cabinet that needs repair, call a handyman. Most carpenters prefer installation and building work and are willing to leave the smaller jobs to handymen.


Painting is relatively easy and requires little professional knowledge but large amounts of time and effort. Hiring a handyman is a great idea.


Handymen are good for cleaning out areas like garages. Moving and rearranging can also be done by a handyman. Wall hangings, shelf installation and moving assistance can also be done by a handyman.


Handymen aim to have a wide range of skills and knowledge in order to be useful for all kinds of activities. Gardening is another good example. If you need somebody to help you do the leg work that a garden requires, call a handyman in 13TASK.

A simple rule of thumb is to ask; is it dangerous or does it require difficult technical knowledge? If the answer is no to both of these, then it’s likely that a handyman is a suitable solution to your problem. Handymen are there to do the work that just takes too much time and effort to do yourself. Some examples of jobs that a handyman usually is not able to do are listed below:

Plumbing/gas fitting

Plumbing and gas fitting requires proper knowledge of the systems involved. Incorrect installation can be dangerous and risk damage to the property. It’s best to get a professional plumber in for these kinds of jobs.


We all know that electrical system are dangerous to work with. This work needs to be done by a certified pro.

Security systems

Anything that has a very complex set up, like a security system, usually requires a specialist. However, if you have purchased a kit with full instructions, a handyman may be able to do the work for you.

Computer technical work

Computer networks can be very complex. It’s possible that a handyman will be able to help, but it’s usually better to find a computer technician.

Handymen are there to do a wide range of smaller, simpler tasks than other, more specialized tradespeople. They’re a great option if you have some work done around the home or office. Give them a call on 13TASK.

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