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Everybody fantasises about being a super handyman, able to fix any problem solve any furniture assembly conundrum and hang a picture frame perfectly straight while blindfolded. But how many of us can actually fix something when it breaks? Things these days have moving parts! They aren’t so easy to fix. It might be best to call a professional handyman (we them all over Australia) but if you really insist on tinkering with your broken toilet or trying to assemble a vegie patch from spare planks of wood, you should probably consider adding a few handy hacks to your arsenal.

Let’s look at some easy hacks that will make you look like less of an incompetent Neanderthal than you are, and make you seem like you have a certain amount of control over your house.

Molly bolts & toggle bolts.

If you’re attempting to attach something to a wall, particularly if it needs to hold a large amount of weight, molly bolts are perfect. A molly bolt screws through the wall and then expands, bracing itself against the wall. This gives it extra support, and allows you to hang things like bookshelves without always needing to locate studs.

Hire a skip.

This is not exactly a handyman job, but if you want to impress somebody with your home maintenance skills, hire a skip. Clear out everything from your garage that you don’t need by simply throwing it out. You’re never going to need a Christmas themed garden gnome. Throw it out.

Use a rubber band to grip ruined screws.

If you’ve accidentally ground out the centre of a screw, it can be nearly impossible to remove without actually drilling through it, which can damage your drill. Instead, use a thick elastic band and place it between the nail and the tip of the drill. The extra purchase that this gives you will pull get the screw moving.

Hang up two clothes bars in your wardrobe.

This is a simple little hack. Most people hang their clothes from a single bar, which wastes half the space of your wardrobe. Install an extra bar to hang your pants from.

Rubbing alcohol will fix it.

If you have a stubborn stain or bits of paint that you need removed, rubbing alcohol will fix it. Rubbing alcohol is super effective in cleaning things that have everyone else stumped.

Open any jar.

Wet a dish towel and wrap it around the jar lid. Twist the end of it to form a kind of handle. Pull the handle to open the jar.

Arm yourself with a few simple tips to make it seem like you have complete control over your household. These simple tips will make tasks that are tough for everyone else seem like a piece of cake for you.

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