Top 5 Wood-Burning Fireplace Maintenance Tips

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Warm your spirits this chilly season with your wood-burning fireplace. You’ll be leaning on it for weeks so it’s imperative to provide it with necessary upkeep.

1. Schedule Regular Inspection

It is urged to have professional chimney inspector check your fireplace at least once a year to prevent accidental fires. The cap that shields your chimney from animals, rain and other outdoor elements should be inspected professionally to prevent problems.

2. Store Wood Properly

The wood must be completely dry to prevent sparks that can ignite the carpet or any other object around the fireplace. It is recommended to use wood that has been cut at least 6 months ago. Remember that hardwood takes more time to dry completely than softwood so if you’re using hardwood, make sure it has been air dried long enough before use.

For wood storage, put them it at least 1-foot above the ground for proper ventilation. Cover them with tarp to protect them from moisture.

3. Inspect the Damper

It is crucial to have proper ventilation in the chimney. Get flashlight and check the the damper to ensure there is no blockage. If you suspect blockage, call professional chimney cleaning service right away. Don’t attempt to clean the chimney if you are not licensed to do it to avoid accidents.

The professional chimney cleaning service can remove creosote effectively. This dark material must be removed immediately because it is flammable.

4. Prepare Your Firebox

Use a broom and a dustpan to remove debris and ashes from the firebox. But before you do it, make sure the debris and the firebox are completely cooled. Dispose the ashes and debris properly.

Make sure the damper is open before you begin burning wood.

5. Don’t Burn Anything

Don’t throw anything into the firebox. Use real wood or composition logs only. Pick materials that emit fewer pollutants. I suggest you refrain frorm burning pine, evergreen boughs or any other resinous wood because they leave more creosote in your chimney. Hardwoods such as maple, birch and oak are cleaner options.

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