Regular Rental Property Maintenance In Australia

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 Taking care of a rental property, or group of rental properties, can be difficult to organise. If you own a rental property or look after a collection of rental properties, as many real estate agents in Australia do, it can be a chore to pull together different workers from the various fields you’re going to need. Even a simple rental property will need regular attention from a gardener, cleaner, plumber, electrician and handyman.
You can find a new contractor each time you need work done, but there’s another simple solution too; find worker with Taskforce Australia. Taskforce has workers across all trades and services, across all of Australia – it’s the easiest way to book the work you need done for a rental property or collection of properties. With one simple number; 13TASK. Taskforce is perfect for real estate agents across all of Australia’s states.


Taskforce gardeners are versatile and skilled. They’re perfect for rental properties and can do anything from mowing and garden trimming to complete garden installation and maintenance.


It’s great to have access to a regular handyman for a rental property. They can solve all of the various problems that arise through the general wear and tear that comes with a resident.


Taskforce has cleaners that specialise in bond and lease cleaning, as well as regular scheduled home cleaning. This is another contact that is invaluable for a real estate agent to have on call.


Plumbing problems occur all the time and often need immediate attention. Taskforce can be called 24/7, and give you access to local plumbers immediately.  


Need some modifications or some structural repairs? Taskforce has it covered, from the biggest jobs to the smallest.

And more

The range of trades and services covered by Taskforce is huge – all of yours needs for all of your rental properties can be done through us. Give us a call, let us know what you done, when and where, and we’ll do the organising for you.

Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, ACT, Northern Territory, Tasmania – we have Taskforce workers across the entire country.

Taskforce the is perfect solution for real estate agents who look after multiple properties. All your needs in one place, Australia-wide – call 13TASK

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