How To Repair A Wheelbarrow

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These days, we’re often taught to throw things away the moment they get the slightest bit damaged. It’s all for the purpose of getting us back into the stores to buy more.
But you don’t always need to do throw it away; more often than not an old or damaged wheelbarrow can be saved and repaired. Sometimes, it might even be a very short trip to the hardware store and fifteen minutes of handiwork.

It helps if you have a wheelbarrow that’s easy to fix. This makes sense, of course, but what exactly is an easy-to-fix wheelbarrow?

 If you’re looking for how to fix a flat tyre on a wheelbarrow, skip to the bottom of the article, where we talk about that.

How To Buy An Easy-To-Fix Wheelbarrow –

- Go for easy to repair materials. Find a wheelbarrow that has as many wooden components as possible. Wood is easy to manipulate and repair, and is also easy to find.

- Go for few welds. The more screws there are holding your wheelbarrow together, the easier the repair will be. Taking apart screws is a thousand time easier than cutting through a welded join.

How To Fix Your Wheel Barrow –

Most of the time, a broken wheelbarrow will need a component replaced. You may have snapped a handle or support bar, or even bent the wheel frame. Unless you can somehow get the component back to original condition, you’ll need to isolate the component and replace it.

1. Take the wheelbarrow apart.

Most wheelbarrows are kept together with screws that can be dismantled using a regular old screw driver or spanner.

2. Keep the broken component.

If the broken item is something difficult to rebuild, like a spoke, take it to your nearest hardware store. It’s highly likely that you’ll be able to buy a replacement for relatively cheap. If the broken part is a simple section like a handle or support bar, make one yourself.

3. Rebuild the broken component.

Take the broken part to a hardware store, or leave it behind and take the measurements. Have a look at the different materials available and ask to have a section cut that fits the dimensions. You’ll need to ensure that the material can have screws attached to it, but otherwise you can go crazy with material types. The stronger, the better.

4. Put everything back together.

Take you new component back home and rebuild the entire wheelbarrow, inserting the newly reconstructed component.

There you go! You wheelbarrow is functional again and you didn’t have to fork over any cash to the money hungry super warehouses.

But what if you just need to replace a tyre? Let’s have a look at that below.

How To Fix A Flat Wheelbarrow Tyre –

Fixing a wheelbarrow flat is much the same as fixing a broken bike.

Detach the wheel – Remove the wheel hub from the wheelbarrow by unscrewing the brace.
Remove the tyre – Lever a flat head screwdriver around the edge of the tyre until the entire thing pops off the hub. Remove the inner tube.

Replace the inner tube – Put the tyre half onto the hub, leaving one side open. Put the new inner tube into the tyre (you can get these at any hardware store – make sure they are the right size). Make sure the valve fits through the hole. Push the other side of the tyre back into place.

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