How To Make Your Room Seem Taller

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Feeling squashed into a tiny box of a home? Sometimes perfectly good rooms can just feel very small because of the way they’re laid out. A few simple tricks can go a long way in making your room seem much taller and much more spacious. This means a happier you and more comfortable guests!

Let’s have a look how you can make your room seem taller.

Use light coloured paints

Dark colours make rooms feel smaller and more cramped. If a new paint of coat is possible, go for a very light colour like an off white. This will make the entire room seem larger.

Install transoms

Transoms are those little windows that go above doors. Aside from being a stylistic choice, they also let more light into you room. But their real benefit in making your room seem taller is that they make use of the high-up wall space that usually get forgotten about.

Hang high curtains.

Curtains that run from ceiling to floor accentuate the length of the wall.

Install floor to ceiling bookshelves.

Books are great for increasing how large your room seems if you do it right. A tall, thin (this is important – wide bookshelves make things seem cramped again) bookshelf will make the place look great. Just make sure that you don’t read the books at the very top too often – they may be difficult to get down!

Improve your lighting

Keep curtains open as much as possible. If you have no window in your room, you might want to consider installing one. Good lighting is the most effective way to create the illusion of more space.

Floor to ceiling windows

This is an expensive choice, but if you’re able to install windows that run from the floor to the ceiling, this will make the place look expansive and wonderful. If you have a nice view outside, this is the number one way to get people to forget about the small size of your room.

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