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While hiring a furniture assembly service is undeniably a time and energy-saver, it also costs money to cover the assemblymen’s work and their liability insurance. If you are trying to trim expenses, putting IKEA furniture together using your own hands is a brilliant idea. But just like any other task, it should be performed carefully for the right outcome. Listed below are some tips on how to bring furniture home from IKEA unscathed and how to assemble it with ease:

Before you even purchase furniture decide where you want to place it. Assemble the item as near as possible to that spot so you won’t have to do a lot pushing or lifting. This will also reduce the risk of damage. The surface should also be flat and stable. Don’t assemble on top of uneven carpet or creaky floorboards.

Make sure there’s enough space for the furniture assembly. Remove everything that is not needed for the process.

Take out the contents of the boxes and organize them, then dispose of the garbage right away. Keep the working space tidy and orderly in order to make the assembly process smooth. Doing this also prevents you from getting confused or frustrated. Put the screw and nuts in cups, egg cartons or muffin tins as you count them.

Go through the assembly instructions that come along with the IKEA item BEFORE you do anything. Make sure every word is understood to avoid any damage. This will provide you with a comprehensive view of how the furniture should be constructed, which will subsequently help you in detecting and solving any concern that may come along the way.

Analyze the pictograms that come with the IKEA furniture assembly directives. If the meaning is a little unclear, ask a friend to help you out. Sometimes an extra pair of eyes is all it takes.

Stick to the instructions. Follow the sequence provided in the instruction sheet because this was designed to allow safe and quick assembly.

Be patient by putting the pieces together bit by bit and by working systematically to ensure that each piece is in its correct position. Concentrate on the procedure and not on the final product. This will prevent you from speeding up unnecessarily and making mistakes along the way.

Put your trust in the IKEA assembly instructions. This globally-renowned furniture company pours plenty of resources into developing precise assembly instructions. Therefore, if the parts don’t fit together or something seems wrong, odds are you made a mistake during the assembly process. Go into reverse, find the blunder, correct it and celebrate. But if you can’t identify the imstake, just disassemble it methodically and start all over again.

Video demonstrations for IKEA furniture assembly can provide additional guidance. These are available online and may be downloaded to you smartphone.

Add some more stability to the assembled item by applying wood glue during the assembly. It is also recommended to use a rubber mallet to pound the wooden dowel because it scatters the force evenly, preventing damage to the furniture.

To prevent your fingers from getting too strained, use an electric screwdriver. Look for a model with interchangeable bits.

IKEA Delivery

Two factors will have to be considered when estimating the delivery time of your IKEA furniture:

The amount of time needed to process the order. Typically, it takes 1-2 days, but some orders may be shipped within a few hours and others need at least 5 days.

The transit time from the IKEA distribution centre to the local carrier to your home.

IKEA has a system that can calculate the delivery time. When you receive you order, you need to examine the package before signing the delivery note. If you’re not around on the delivery date, a representative who is at least 18 years of age may sign it on your behalf.

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