Easy Ways to Make Your Home Look New Again

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When you've been living in the same house for several years it’s only natural to get fed up with its looks. You would want to make some changes but there’s a budget to consider. Home renovation nowadays doesn't come cheap if you’re going to hire a contractor. But if you’re a handy type of person, it is definitely possible to re-create your home’s atmosphere without expending a huge fortune. Here are some fix-ups that are within any home owner’s capabilities:

Give Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors a New Face

A washed-out finish can give your kitchen a gloomy ambiance. Make it appear livelier by re-painting every kitchen cabinet door—or change them!

Get New Knobs

Are the knobs of your cabinetry still wooden? It’s time to move on! Replace them with metal. If your home has a modern theme, it is suggested to opt for stainless knobs. Brass knobs are ideal if you want the house to sport a vintage look.

Switch to Brand-new Faucets

Indoor faucets that are made of PVC could get stained and appear dingy. Replace them right away with modern designs. There are numerous fun and exciting faucet shapes these days!

Reupholster Seating

Worn-out sofa can make your home look disconsolate. Create a fresher atmosphere by re-upholstering it. Choose a different color this time!

Go for Track Lights

Unlike recessed lighting, track lighting can be adjusted where you need brightness.

Hang some Find Art

Don’t leave the wall empty. Hang paintings to splash some more personality to it. A pop art, a landscape or a portrait will do! If you already have art pieces around, re-arrange them.

Re-position Seats

Changing the positions of the chairs can do wonders to your home. Go for an arrangement that you've never tried before and add or subtract a chair.

Bring in Something Alive

Bring a potted plant inside to pump more spirit into your home. Also, make sure there are vases around the house that are constantly filled with fresh flowers.

Color it New

Repainting the walls of your home can easily change its overall appeal. If you can’t afford repainting the entire house, at least repaint one room or put color accents on certain corners. Remember that the kitchen should be painted with any shade of red, orange or yellow to stimulate appetite while bedroom colors should be relaxing such as blue and green.

No More Homes in Your Walls

Nail holes can be patched up using a surfacing compound. If the holes are larger, use an all-purpose drywall compound. Covering all those minor blemishes can make your space look better.

Don’t Forget the Door

Make a good impression by re-painting the door and changing its hardware. Try brilliant colors for a cheerful entrance, put potted plants or flowers near it and buy a new Welcome mat. Also make sure that the front yard is well-maintained.

Replace All Your Rugs

Rugs can add personality to the floor. Hence, if they are dingy, floor will look dingy too. It is suggested to choose colors that will stand out.

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