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We have one pair of feet, but end up with a hundred pairs of shoes, especially if you have a large family. Shoes are hard to store because of their irregular shape and constant usage. They often end up in an ugly pile by the door, looking messy and disordered. Regardless of how carefully you try to stack them, shoes spill all over the place.

Let’s look at some creative options for overcoming your shoe organising problems.

Use an old locker.

Auctions are often held to clear out old equipment from offices and institutions. They go very cheap, and are perfect for these kinds of crafty home improvement projects. If you can find an old locker, install horizontal shelves for the perfect, retro way of storing your shoes.

Use old wine holders.

If you wear a lot of flat, small shoes, old wine holders are perfect. They are designed to carry numerous wine bottles, and are perfectly and neatly arranged for that purpose. They’re also usually made of wood, which is a simple and subtle material that fits in well with all kinds of homes and interiors.

An old ladder

This is a great idea if you wear a lot of high-heeled shoes. An old ladder it a simple, beautiful way to decorate any room. But it also doubles as a shoes rack. Hang your high heels over the ladder rungs for a neat way of keeping things ordered.

Rubber holders

These colourful shoe holders look like regular wall decorations, but are able to keep your shoes hanging up. They’re simple, interesting and bright.

Attach paint cans to your wall

Creative, inventive decoration is all about seeing the beauty in regular objects. Get some paint cans and attach them to your wall for immediate shoe compartments. This is great because you can choose interesting colours of the paint tins to match your home.

Keep them in their original boxes

Boxes are much easier to stack and shelve, so keeping the original shoe box is a good idea if you have the room. The best part about this solution is feeling as though you have an entire store full of shoes in your home.

Use a shoe wheel

Shoe wheels are great, though most of us have never heard of them. These simple wire frame contraptions allow you to store all of your shoes in the same place, and spin through to get to the shoes you want. It’s an elegant and simple solution to the shoe disorder problem.

Shoes get all over the place, all the time, so it’s nice to have a method of keeping things tidy. If you’re in need to more storage or furniture, why not have it created from scratch? Carpenters and cabinet makers can make furniture to your specifications, whether it’s the perfect shoe-storage cupboard or a nice new bookcase. Call a carpenter now on 13TASK, Australia-wide.

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