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Trying to keep your kids’ toys in a neat and orderly manner can sometimes feel like trying to clean up after a toy factory has exploded. Children throw things all over the place, all the time; it’s their natural state. They are as inquisitive as they are energetic and careless. Asking a child to keep their things in order is like asking a dugong to play ping pong; it’s just not going to happen.

But if you can think of a way to make tidying up more entertaining for your kids, or more simple, you might just be able to keep your kids’ rooms looking a little more reasonable.
Let’s have a look at some cool ideas for storing toys.

Old fruit crates –

If you can source some old fruit crates from a local market or fruit store, they can make for beautiful storage containers. Give them a quick clean and use some sandpaper to knock off any splinters and you have the perfect rustic storage piece – prefect for a simple, stylish room.

Hanging Bed Pockets –

If you’re handy with fabric and sewing materials, you can throw together a quick fabric section of pockets, which will give you some simple, soft storage to tidy away your toys and keep them organized.

Soft Toy Swing –

This project is great because the resources required are very few and very simple. A couple of sections of dowel and some thick white rope can be put together to form a kind of swing, which allows you to stuff your soft toys in there for a simple, nice-looking way to keep them stored. This is great because it uses storage space on a wall, which is often overlooked and underused.

Storage Stools –

The storage game is all about making space efficient, so if you can think of a way to use the same space twice, you’ve got a great idea on your hands (or in your brains). Hollow stools are perfect for putting things away without having to create and entirely new space for them.

Pegboards and String –

Peg boards are often used for backyard carpentry lairs, but are just as useful for packing up and keeping things tidy in your child’s room. Add some pegs and string to give your kids something they can stick their toys under.

These simple ideas should help you get on top of your storage issues and make sure your kids don’t let their rooms get too messy ever again!           

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