Backyard Garden Theme Ideas

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It’s a well-established Australian tradition to spend some quality family time in your backyard. But aside from a simple barbeque set-up, a lot of backyards look pretty plain. And that’s a pretty major waste of potential space.

Putting in a bit of effort and creativity can really bring your backyard to live and create a space that will make you want to bring all of your friends over.

So grab your eski and let’s have a look some different ideas for setting up your backyard.

A Backyard Bar

Set up a simple bar on your backyard lawn and stock it up with a collection of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Make sure that the set up is relatively water proof; it’s too much effort to bring the set up in and out of the weather.

For a little bit of extra appeal; set up some simple lights to create a sense of atmosphere and to let you party on into the night.


There’s nothing nicer than huddling around a backyard fire pit during winter. In fact, even during summer we enjoy a fire-side night spent with friends.

There are a number of ways to install fire pits of different kinds, with a wide variety of prices. Have a look into the different options and see which suits you – there’s bound to be something.


This is every child’s (and every secretly-still-a-child) dream; having a fort in your backyard. And why not build one? It’s a great hobby project for you to take on and if you do it properly, it a nice little investment that will last a lifetime.

 Aside from the basic structure, the design of your fort should be up to you. Work with your children and incorporate their ideas so that the fort becomes something really unique and great.  

Meditation retreat

If you’re the kind who likes quiet and solitude to wind down at the end of the day, a meditation area can be simple to set up. A simple wood platform and some basic posts is all you really need. Drape some linen over it to make the place more secluded. Set up some plants and incense and you have the perfect getaway right in your back garden.

Outdoor dining

Eating outside is a pleasant experience that we sometimes forget about. Why not enjoy the outdoors? It’s quite literally right at your doorstep.

A simple wooden dining set looks great, though they do need a new coat of varnish a couple of times a year.

Backyard cinema

The ultimate in backyard upgrades is to set up your own outdoor cinema. And when you think about it, it’s really not too difficult! A simple projector, a screen and some out door seating. That’s all you need to transform your backyard from the regular patch of grass it’s always been, to your own private theatre.

For help installing any of these great projects, give Taskforce a call on 13TASK. We are a network of local business, and we have handymen, gardeners, carpenters and pretty much any other trade or service.

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