Awesome Uses For Old Pallets

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There is one magical material that can be used for almost anything, looks great, is durable and is cheap or completely free. Sounds pretty good, right? Wooden storage pallets are the perfect building material for your backyard. They are designed to be super durable but also easy to construct. This makes them perfect for using them in craft and building project. They’re also made of wood! The most beautiful of materials; simple to polish and resistant to weathering.

An Outdoor Coffee Table –

These pallets are ideal for outdoor fixtures because is doesn’t matter too much if they weather or get dirty. Most of the items on this list are outdoor ideas.
If you know someone who is handy with a hammer and a saw, get them to through together an outdoor coffee table (or do it yourself, of course!). Pallets often have a worn-in rustic look that goes great with an Australian backyard.

Dog Kennels –

Pallets can be cut up and rebuilt into dog kennels. They’re also easy to hinge, so you might want to create a crate that your dog can be in inside.

Lounge Chairs –

They aren’t exactly ergonomic, but simple flat chairs are often surprisingly comfortable. You might want to go over the wood with some paint, but they look great with just a simple stain. Make sure that you go over the entire chair with some sandpaper or steel wool to remove all splinters.

Garage Stairs

Looking to redesign your indoor space? Pallets can be used for actual structures like stairs. Have a look at the image above – which wonderfully bridges to areas of the garage. Always make sure that you install proper support beams under each flight of stairs.

Outdoor Bar

If you’re the kind of person who likes drinking outside with your friends (who isn’t?), you can use some pellets to create and outdoor bar. This looks great, and is a fun mix of classy and rustic.

Pallet Fouton

If you have cushion but no frame, some pallets are the perfect solution. They also provide a little bit of storage for bits and pieces. Perfect for a rumpus room or space for the kids.

Where Can I Get Pallets?

Pallets are used all over the place. Large warehouses probably have their own methods of reusing or removing pallets (though there’s no harm in asking!). You can often find pallets for sale or for free through online sales forums like Gumtree and Ebay. People are often just happy for people to get rid of the pallets for them, which is why they’re often given away for nothing.

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