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23 November 2015

Great Kitchenette Space-saving Ideas

A lot of us love to cook but have very small spaces to work in. But having a tiny kitchen doesn’t mean that you need to give up your cooking hobbies. With a little bit of home renovation and a whole lot of ingenuity, small spaces can be turned into charming little kitchenettes that will have you in the kitchen all day.

            Perfection for small apartments, or tight corners of homes, a kitchen looks great and makes your cooking space seem happy and bustling. 

Let’s look at some different kitchenette ideas below.

The Super Compact Kitchenette –

Kitchenettes are already pretty compact. But if you’re really tight for space, it’s possible to fit a full function kitchen into a metre-wide space. It’s all about being economic with the space you have.

The Sliding Door Kitchenette –

It’s nice to see a big, roomy kitchen where the family can come together. But if have limited space, sometimes it’s nice to have the kitchen separate so you can enjoy the rest of the space you do have.
One way to do this is with sliding doors, which can hide the kitchen amenities when you aren’t using them.


Hang Your Implements –

You’ve probably spent a lot of money buying kitchen utensils that are not only functional, but also look nice. So why hide them away in your cupboards? Installing a simple pegboard allow you to keep everything hanging up – easy to see, easy to find and easy to access.

Pine Kitchens -

The pine kitchen is put together using wood and stone; materials that are tough and can be put out in the open. It’s a great kitchenette to install in a space that would otherwise become a laundry.
            A kitchenette like this is great when summer comes around, and you can cook with fresh food from your garden while enjoying the sunlight and fresh air. This is a bit of a secret and once you give it a try, you’ll never go back.

Micro Kitchens –

Maybe you’re looking to install a second kitchen in a flat out the back, or a recreation room. One great solution is to buy a super compact micro kitchen; the kin d that are usually reserved for campervans. These come with burners, a refrigerator and a sink.