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01 September 2015

Great Ideas to Reinvigorate Your Home.

We love our homes because they’re comfortable and familiar. It feels good to come home after a long day of work and settle into your reliable, comfortable chair. The familiar and the known are wonderful things, but it’s worth occasionally shaking things up. Changing small things around your home can make a huge difference on how you feel each day. Eject a bit of colour to remind yourself of the space you live in. Reinvigorate your home, reinvigorate your life and reinvigorate yourself.


Small changes in your home can make big changes in your soul. Let’s look at some ways you can shake things up.


Paint the inside of a wardrobe or cabinet.

Few people paint the inside of their cabinets or wardrobes. Because nobody sees it, it’s an easy thing to overlook. But a hidden dash of colour can brighten your mood whenever you open things up. Pick a bright colour like a light yellow or washed out blue.


Use bookshelves to create rooms.

This is a great way to reinvent space in your home, especially if you have kids. Think of your bookshelves as movable walls. Use them to create hidden alcoves for reading or retreating. Nothing quite matches the comfort and solitude of a small, private space.


Paint your front door.

First impressions are everything. Think about how you want people to feel when they first visit your place. But also consider how you want regular acquaintances to feel, put a bit of unexpected joy into their day by painting your door a bright new colour.


Get some furniture with built in storage.

Space is a great thing. Fill your home with furniture that has built in storage, such as a couch with cabinets below the body. This allows you to clear up the rest of you space and keep it empty and open.


Strategically place chairs.

A lot of space goes underused or undervalued. If you have areas that form natural alcoves, make use of them by putting a chair there. This will make the area feel more like a usable space, and will encourage use and appreciation.


Design and apply your own wallpaper.

Here’s the best idea ever; design your own wallpaper. There are multiple places online that allow you to design, print and install wallpaper and murals. Anything from photographs to artwork; you can have it turned into paper and attached to your wall. Imagine what your lounge room would look like with a beautiful photo of the Matterhorn Mountain. It certainly would impress.


Small touches can completely reinvent your home. Take some time to make some small changes and reinvigorate the space you live in; it will be worth it. For big changes, find a professional to help you out. Taskforce has builders, interior designers and cabinet makers available, give them a call on 13TASK.