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02 December 2015

Good Plants For Australian Gardens

The most important part of setting up a backyard garden is making sure that you’re putting in plants that you know will have long, healthy and fruitful lives.

            Whether you’re looking to brighten up your backyard with some interesting plants and flower, or looking to reap a great big harvest of fruit and vegetable, you need to make sure your plants match the climate.

            There are plenty of plants that are perfectly suited to the Australian climate and will give you a wonderful garden to enjoy.


So let’s look at which plants you can use to build a garden. For our purposes, we’ll stick to plants that will do well in almost all areas of Australia. Unless you’re in the middle of the desert, this list is a great place to start when planning your garden.


Blueberries –

Blueberries love warm, sunny days and cool nights: something that we find all the time in cities and town all over Australia. This makes them the perfect addition to an Australian garden.

Azalea Dogwood –

This plant has a wonderful pink flower and is great for adding a bit of colour to your garden. They thrive most when they are placed in dappled sun. So if you have a hidden corner of your garden you want to fill, this is the perfect solution.

Dwarf beans –

These make a perfect addition to an Australian garden. They’re hardy, study plants and this allows them to survive the ups and downs of Australian climates. They’re also a versatile food. Beans go with almost everything and are a healthy addition to any meal.

Carissa Grandiflora –

This is a unique little gem that deserves much more popularity than it gets. The plant has nice little white flowers, but also red fruits that taste a little like raspberries. A wonderful, exciting addition to an Aussie garden.


Lemons –

Who doesn’t love a big, old lemon tree? Once they are established, lemon trees will last a lifetime in a range of Australian climates. They give plentiful, useful fruits – enough to hand around to your friends and family. Planting an raising a prolific lemon tree is an investment in your backyard.


Australian climates vary quite a bit, often even in a single region. We have lows and highs throughout the year, which sometimes makes it difficult to keep a productive garden. But with the right choices, you can ensure a lively, beautiful collection of plants for your home.