Weird And Interesting Garden Ornaments

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Garden ornaments – which usually end up as a bunch of regular old garden gnomes thrown in amongst your bushes – offer world of unexplored treasures waiting to decorate your backyard. Wherever your interests lie, you’ll be able to find some pretty great garden ornaments to match them.

Let’s have a look at some of the most creative and interesting garden ornaments available.

Children’s Book Characters

The garden is most magical when you’re a kid, exploring an incredible world of wonder. If you have kids of your own, or kids that visit, it can be a great idea to put in some garden ornaments from famous children’s book. Peter Rabbit, for example, would turn a simple garden into something kids recognise and love.

Famous Sculptures

Rodan’s Thinker is perhaps the most famous of all sculptures. It’s also pretty accessible, with replicas being sold all over the place. Why not lend you garden a sense of sophistication and charm by putting this incredible work in amongst your petunias?

Star Wars Garden Ornaments

If you’re of the nerdy persuasion, you should probably get your hands on these. There seem to be a hundred different ornaments to relocate your garden far, far away.

Tiny Humans

This is a fun, creative thing to do. Get some really, really small human figurines and hide them amongst your plants. Make them do interesting things and leave them there for people to find.

Dr Who Garden Ornaments

If the Star Wars ornaments didn’t satisfy your particular shade of nerdiness, a Dr Who Tardis (or Dalek) amongst you bushes will.

Experiment! Try things out! Your garden should be a unique place that makes your home interesting. Don’t settle for regular, boring ornaments; do something different.

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