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Finding a reliable, professional gardener can be difficult – there’s an entire world of people claiming to be the best and it’s difficult to know the truth until you try somebody.


If you have the time and money to give a few different gardeners a go; go for it. But most of the time we’re just looking for a quick hand doing some dirty gardening work and once we have it started, we can take it over ourselves.


So how can you find a good once-off gardener?

Most people use word of mouth to find a good gardener, which is actually a pretty good idea. You trust your friends most and that makes sense. If you know somebody who can personally recommend a gardener, definitely check them out.
            If you don’t know anyone who regularly hires gardeners, find one that’s operates under a reputable brand. At Taskforce, we work with our gardeners to ensure that they are offering customers the best service possible. We also work with people who know the business and have been operating successful business or working in the field for years before coming on board.

            You might also want to have a look in online directories like Yellowpages, which allow users to rate their experience and give you a sense of how good the gardener’s work is.


How can you find a scheduled gardener?

The best plan for hiring a scheduled gardener is to hire them for one or two jobs first. If you like how they work, you can arrange for them to come in more often.

Most gardeners will be happy to arrange scheduled work and doing so allows you to build up a trustworthy relationship with them.


How can you ensure that you are hiring a quality gardener?

If you go with someone that you’ve never used before, there are some ways to find out if your gardener does quality work or not. As mentioned above, many online directories allow rating, which is a strong indication of their previous work.

            Taskforce ensures that all of our operators are police checked and have public liability insurance. This makes our gardeners more reliable and safer to work with than any others on the market.


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