The Best Australian Perennial Plants

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Plants go through cycles of life and death, often flowering in spring, dying off in winter, and repeating. These are known as annual plants because they go through an entire life cycle over the year.
There are also biennials, which go through a life cycle over the course of two years. If you have a biennial fruit tree, you will only get fruit from the tree once every two years.

Perennials do not die off in the same way other plants do. They persist throughout the season and have beautiful flowers and leaves throughout the year. For this reason, they are very popular with gardeners, adding a fresh touch of colour to the garden all year long.
Let’s take a look at some perennials that can be added to any Australian garden.

Aeonium Tricolour – This impressive succulent subtlety changes colour over the year, from green with red tints, to a yellow-gold. This is a hardy plant that’s easy to look after.

Bordeaux Barlow – This deep red flower is has a sphere of flower petals. It’s a wonderful plant for gardening, because it’s ruby colour matches other garden eleemnts very well, without attracting too much attention. 

Cardiocrinum giganteum – From the Himalayas, this plant has large, long flowers but are slightly more difficult to look after. These plants require shade and moisture all year.

Primula uricula Buttercup – This plant has a bright yellow, compact flower. When looked after well, this plant will flower regularly and reliably.

Dianthus spicolifolius – These beautiful plants have incredible crimson-trimmed white flowers with delicate, branching petals.  They look great without being too bright and are highly resistant to both warm, dry seasons and frost.

Perennials are much lower maintenance than other available plants and offer a great way to build your garden into a beautiful space. There are a huge variety of perennials available that can add a touch of the exotic and beautiful to any small garden.

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