Arborist Vs Tree Lopper: What’s The Difference?

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When a tree needs to be trimmed or enhanced the common question that comes into mind is: should you call an arborist or a tree lopper?

Many companies offer different tree services from simple pruning to ensuring healthy regrowth. It is crucial to understand the differences between an arborist and a tree lopper so that you can give the tree the right attention.

Tree Lopper 
A tree lopper is a person skilled on removing tree stubs and branches. Though this may look simple to everyone, it’s not all the time that a tree just needs lopping. The stability, structure and overall health of the tree can be weakened if you cut on the wrong corners.

If not pruned correctly a lopped tree will reshoot faster, which requires more frequent pruning work. Usually, these new branches have poor attachment to the main branch and higher chances of breakage. This can be dangerous because the branches can fall on wires, roofs, gutters and passers-by.

Tree lopping is cheaper than arboriculture services, and it is only focused on providing temporary fixes to tree problems. Of course here are situations when tree lopping is the viable solution.

If you are looking for a long-term fix, you should call an arborist. Even certified arborists are sometimes referred to as “tree loppers”. Avoid the confusion by checking the license of the company.

An arborist is a person who gained training in various aspects of tree management and maintenances. The training must be completed to receive license from the Arboriculture Australia, and must follow the recommended guidelines as defined by Australian standards AS473-2007.

An arborist will not simply prune. He/she can provide professional advice on how to take care of the tree so that you can achieve your desired result. Before doing anything, he/she will consider the tree’s current health, position, stability, the safety of the community and the aesthetic impact of the process to be done.

A tree has to be pruned correctly, not just in any corner, to ensure proper regrowth. Trees that have been haphazardly trimmed are likely to have stunted growth and frail limbs. They are also more vulnerable to infections and infestations. With professional care, your tree can be become healthier and will require less maintenance.

Tree pruning or removal isn’t actually that simple. To obtain the best worth out of your money and to ensure the safety of your family, leave the job to a professional arborist.

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