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08 October 2015

Garden Maintenance Australia

Gardens need regular maintenance to ensure that they continue looking good and don’t become overgrown. It’s easy for your plants and your lawn to become messy and ugly with overgrowth; that’s what they do! They grow. So you need to have some kind of established routine to keep everything under control, especially when we’re heading into a season of bright sunshine and rainfall. Alternatively, you can hire somebody to maintain your gardens, which may turn out to be within your budget if you go for fortnightly or monthly visits.

But if you’re looking to do the work yourself, it’s worth trying to whittle the process down to a few simple processes.

Trim Your Plants.

Keep your plants under control by pruning regularly. Make sure that your plants don’t get too thick, and make sure that fruit trees have enough space between their branches to grow properly. If you’re finding that your trees are dropping too many leaves, you can also nip off buds in spring.


Every time you step outside to enjoy your garden and spot a weed, pull it out. Consistency is the best way to keep weeds under control. Too many weeds can make your garden look unruly and ugly, but can also squeeze out the plants you want to grow.


The best mowing is done often and doesn’t cut the lawn too low. Regular mowing keep everything tidy and lets your lawn grow thick without letting it grow too tall.

Loosen your soil.

Use a pitchfork to break up firm soil. This helps plant grow by aerating the dirt. A healthy garden eco system will do this automatically, but it’s a good idea to give it help and keep it healthy.


A compost bin is great for a couple of reasons. It gives you a responsible, environmentally friendly way to get rid of your food scraps and reduces wastage. It also gives you fertilizer for your garden, which is something that is easy to overlook. A fertile garden is a happy garden, and is well worth trying to achieve.

Garden maintenance is all about consistence. Keep at it and pretty soon you’ll have a beautiful, thriving garden.