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How to Stain Your Floor Like a Pro

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Staining laminate wood flooring is an easy way to revitalise a room. Schedule an entire day for this home improvement project. Follow these steps to achieve a floor that you can be honoured of. A local handyman can do this, but it pays to be familiar with the step-by-step process, too.

1. Clean

It is essential to ensure that the surface is not dirty and not oily. Prepare your laminate floor by cleaning it using a degreaser. Dilute the agent in a bucket of warm water, immerse a brush in the solution and scrub the floor with it. Move back and forth for a nice output. Rinse thoroughly by mopping the floor with clean, hot water. Make sure to wipe the floor dry to prevent damage.

2. Mask and Protect

Run a strip of masking tape along the perimeter of the room. Do this while waiting for the floor to dry completely. Tape sparingly to avoid paint from sticking to the adhesive.

3. Apply Stain

Shake the can well before opening it. Start the application at the farthermost side of the room. Use a bristle paint brush to apply the stain. Move in one direction for a clean outcome. Wipe excess stain off with a clean rag until the shade is uniform in all corners.

Follow the manufacturer instructions of the product that you have

4. Sand

Sand your laminate floor before applying the finish. Smoothen the surface with a medium-grit sandpaper, moving in a circular motion. Remember that the goal is rough up the top layer of the floor so it can form a good bond with the coat.

5. Apply Finish

Apply a clear finish over the stained laminate flooring using a clean, natural-bristle paintbrush. Start working from one corner of the room to the door. Remember to keep your strokes even for nice outcome.

When it comes to the dry time, read the manufacturer’s instructions.

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