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27 August 2015

Five Functions You Didn’t Know Your Macbook Had

Our phones alone have a thousand times more computing power in them than the first spacecraft created by NASA. Technology has made unbelievably sophisticated technology available to the masses, yet most of us have no idea exactly what our computers are capable of.


If you have a macbook, you might be overlooking some of the more interesting and useful functions that it’s capable of. Laptops and desktop computers don’t come with a manual like they used to, so you’ll often end up using your computer without realizing some of the more elegant solutions it has built in to meet your daily needs.


Let’s have a look at five functions that most Macbook owners are aware their computer is capable of.


Security System


Your MacBook has a high quality webcam that has a variety of uses. Obviously, and most importantly, it can be used to communicate via videofeed. However, it can also be used as a security system. There are available apps for download that can detect motion and automatically alert you via SMS and trigger an alarm.


Scientific calculator


Beyond high school advanced math, most people have no use for a scientific calculator. But if you are a math genius who feels limited by the simplicity of the mac calculator, you can change the mode to ‘scientific’ to make its entire array of functions available.




Typing can be a bore. Why not get your computer to dictate your voice and convert it to text? Apple has spent a lot of time and money creating software that does this effectively. Click Edit > Start dictation to enlist a digital scribe.




One of the simplest and most useful functions is the screenshot function. This allows you to convert parts of your screen into an image for sending, storing or editing. Let’s look at the different ways to take a screenshot.


Press Command + Shift + 4 +Drag over the area you want to snap.


Press Command + Shift + 4 + Press Spacebar, then select the window you want to screenshot.


Press Command + Shift + 3 to screenshot the entire screen.


Sign a document.


Nobody has every really worked out a good way to sign digital documents. On a Macbook, you can use your webcam to convert an image of your actual signature into a digital signature. Go to View > Fill and Sign, sign a piece of paper and hold it up to your webcam.


Computers can be pretty baffling to casual users. If you have problems or need computer advice, call a Taskforce computer technician on 13TASK.