How to Install Motion Sensor Lights

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These days, you can a lot of things to make your home more secured. One of these is the installation of motion-sensor lights. These types of lights can scare away intruders while staying energy-efficient. Lots of professionals are willing to perform the installation for you. But if you are a bit handy and are fond of DIY-stuff, you may want to handle to installation on your own.

The following steps are based on the assumption that the motion sensor lights will be placed in the exact same location of your existing lights.


- Motion-sensor light

- Swivel strap (optional)

- Wire nuts

- Screwdriver

- Combination tool

Step 1: Shut the power supply.  Before you begin with any electrical project shut off the power first. This is to prevent accidents. Also, make sure you are wearing the correct attire for the job. Even if the power is off, you should still wear rubber gloves.

Step 2: Remove existing light fixture. Loosen the nuts and bolts that hold the fixture in place, disconnect the wiring and set them aside. If the wiring appears corroded, call licensed electrician.

Step 3: Connect the new motion sensor light. Once you have totally disconnected the old light fixture, start rewiring the new motion-sensor light.  Let the wire run through the rubber gaskets of the new light. Splice the correct wires to the nuts. Restore the power and test your work.

Step 4: Adjust the position of the lights slowly. You may have to loosen a few nuts or bolts to achieve the chosen position.

Step 5: This is the fun part. Adjust the sensitivity of the light. It should be low enough so it won’t come on when a neighbor simply passes by. But it should also be high enough to catch the motion of anybody who enters your yard.

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