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06 July 2015

Easy-To-Do Roof Renovation Tips

A dilapidated roof can easily trample the beauty of a house. The fresh paint coat, the manicured lawns and artistically-pruned shrubberies will be rendered ineffectual if the house has pitifully neglected crown. With the tips listed below you can give your roof a new lease of life:

Examine materials

Faulty installation of shingles could lead to leaks. Make sure that they are nailed firmly so they are not pushed up. Also, check hardware before starting the project. Be suspicious if the material is too cheap because it is likely to be of low quality. Remember that repairing a roof damage isn’t as easy as fixing a clogged sink.

Eliminate every leak

Even with beautiful hardwood flooring, your home won’t be safe and cosy if the roof shabby and leaky. Look for small leaks even just once a month. Sealing a leak while it is still small can be extremely helpful in preventing extensive water damage and mold growth.

Clean the gutters

Gutters can be clogged by dried leaves and other debris; this can cause water build up on the roof which can lead to formation of small cracks.

Replace hardware

Missing screws, worn-out brackets and fastenings and insufficient flashing can cause moisture to accumulate which can result to deterioration.

Apply coating

The best thing about roof coating is that it can applied to all sizes, which makes it a cost-effective leak protection for flashings, curbs and corners that are typically uniquely-shaped.

Fix dry rot

Install a ridge vent to prevent formation of dry rot which can cause the shingles to become brittle and snap. You will have to drill through the soffit vents first in order to provide an entry for the cool air that will push the warm air out via the top portion of the vent.

When Renovation Is Not Enough

Replacing a roof is typically costly, but it is a more sensible action if the damage is already far-reaching. It would be more practical to spend a sizeable amount of cash on a new roof than pay for frequent repairs and endure the hassle. This is why it is suggested to hire an experienced roofer to conduct a thorough inspection because he can tell if what the roof needs is only a renovation or total replacement.

If you’re compelled to place buckets under the ceiling every rainy day, you, even without the advice of a roofer, should really consider replacing the roof.

Where to Get Help

Simple renovations may be handled by handy individuals, but if the roof truly necessitates gut overhaul, calling a reliable contractor like Taskforce is strongly-recommended. They have skilled builders who can handle the project with impressive efficiency. Reach them by dialling 13TASK, inform the operator of the services you need and you will be referred to the nearest to Taskforce franchisee.