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13 October 2015

Different Types of Fences

There are as many different kinds of fences as there are uses for them. What kind of fence you need all comes down to what purpose you need it to fulfill. From a pool fence to a picket fence; everything is built in a different way because it has a different function. If you’re looking to build a fence, the first thing to consider is why you need it. When you’ve come up with a clear idea of the purpose of your fence, match it to the different fence types below to see which fence is the most appropriate for you.

Timber Fences –

Wooden fences are popular because they are sturdy, they last long and they look great. A painted white picket fence compliments a house very nicely. Wooden fences are also easy to repair. They can be heightened for increased privacy and can easily have gates installed for accessibility.  COST per foot, taking into account installation costs: $30

PVC Fences –

PVC fences are made from a hardy, durable plastic that is highly resistant to weathering. These fences need very little maintenance, and can be made to look like a regular picket fence. Because they are so strong and durable, they are often used by farmers to enclose cattle and horses. COST per foot: $20

Wrought Iron Fences –

Wrought iron fences – those fences with the thing black metal and elaborate designs – are great for those of you who want to show off your homes. A wrought iron fence offers no privacy, but compliments a beautiful home wonderfully. They require occasional repainting, and although they are sturdy, many homeowners are concerned that they encourage entruders by allowing people to see right through them. COST per foot: $30

Chain Link Fences –

These are cheap, durable, flexible and transparent. For these reasons, they are often chosen for public spaces that need to fence a large area on a small budget. Chain link fences are notoriously easy to break through with a pair of pliers. COST per foot: $15

Electrical Fences –

 Electrical fences are often used on farms to keep animals from crossing the boundary. They send an electrical charge through any animal that touches the electric wire. Although these are usually used in industrial settings, they can also be bought at lower voltages to keep in pets and domestic animals. COST per foot: $34

Cost, purpose, style and length are all important factors when deciding on which type of fencing to go with. This article outlines a few different kinds of fencing and their characteristics.