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03 October 2016

Detached Garage vs. Attached Garage Which Is Right for You?

A garage can be considered a bonus. But not all garages are the same. There’s an attached garage and there’s a detached garage. If you’re thinking of adding one to your property, you should know what each option has to offer.


The materials will take most of the budget. If you simply want an enclosed space, consider wood. But if you want the garage to stand there form a long years, pick brick. For ventilation, you will need new ductwork and other additional components because the garage is not attached to your house.

The biggest spender is the based because you will have pour concrete on it. Don’t skimp on this part because the stability of your garage will largely on it.

Pros of Attached Garages

Evidently, the primary advantage of attached garages is convenience. You just have to go through a connecting door to gain access to your tools or your vehicles in the garage. If you live in a region with erratic weather, this will provide to be a sensible choice.

If you’re going to attach the garage, you may use a wall of the house. This means reduced expenditures for construction. The HVAC can also be extended to the garage. And since the garage is attached, it will be easier for you or the contractor to make electrical connections.

Cons of Attached Garages

If you’re property isn’t really that large, you may end up with a cramped garage. Homes in highly-urbanized regions often don’t have must space on their sides. In such case, consider a detached garage. It can also be difficult to acquire permits for these adding structures to pre-existing ones.

Another concern is security. Since the garage is connected to your home, burglars who got inside the garage might also be able to enter your home. Carbon monoxide and fumes from gas, oil and other chemicals could get into your living space, too.

Pros of Detached Garages

Both types of garage offer extra space, but a detached garage is easier to expand. Since it is a stand-alone structure, you have more freedom regarding the space that surrounds it. Often, it is also easier to add a deck above this type of garage.

Cons of Detached Garages

The biggest drawback for these garages is their location. If the weather is bad, you may not be able to get to your vehicle or get whatever you need from the garage, unless you construct a covered pathway.

You will need new heating and cooling components for a detached garage because it’s not connected to your home. Also, there will be a need for new electrical wirings, fuses, etc.

Lastly, if you build a structure in your extra square footage, you’re taking away a space for gardening. The detached garage might get rid of valuable scenery which could be your property’s valuable asset.