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10 July 2015

Create your very own getaway by building a pergola

It isn’t warm all year long, so you certainly want to make the most of the sunshine when it’s around. But Australian summers can bring scorching heat and you’ll need a stay in the shade. A pergola will let you let you relax outdoors and enjoy the colours and sounds of nature, whilst also keeping your skin from getting burnt.  

What’s distinctive about a pergola is its roof. The roof is typically made of an open lattice or cross-beams that are supported by vertical pillars. A cool sitting area is formed by having the lattice and slats spaced apart by a few inches. This arrangement tempers the sunlight that the patio receives but also encourages airflow. A pergola may be a free-standing structure in the middle of a lawn, an extension of a building or a link between buildings.

Let’s look at things to consider when building a pergola.  

  • Find a location that doesn’t get soaked by sunlight all day long. If you can’t find an appropriate location, you can consider growing woodyvines that will climb along the posts and the lattices to create a shaded area.
  • Make sure to choose materials that fit the structure’s function. Those that blend with the colours and textures of nature are ideal. Materials like wood, brick and stone are good. Weather-resistant wood like coast redwood or western red cedar may be used, and are painted or treated to withstand outdoor use. If you’re an extremely busy person, it is suggested to go for low-maintenance options such as aluminum, CPVC, fiberglass and vinyl. With these materials, you wouldn’t have to re-paint the pergola every year. And since they aren’t organic, they can last longer. Always make sure that the materials are of exceptional quality to avoid accidents. Ensure the extended lifespan of the area by using the correct nails.
  • Bring some life to the sitting area. Arrange potted plants strategically and grow vines around the posts. Opt for plants that are more heat tolerant so they don’t easily wither when drenched with sunlight. Flowers that give off fragrance can also give the pergola a nice ambience.
  • The pergola isn’t exclusively for daytime use. Some evenings you want to sit outside and gaze at the stars while enjoying a glass of wine. Build a structure where you can be comfortable during the evening too. Put some lights on the pillars of the pergola but make sure they aren’t overwhelming, just enough to see where you are walking. Also, put insect repellants around the structure to avoid nasty, annoying insects.
  • Are you a fan of outdoor parties? If you are, make sure the pergola has enough chairs and tables. You could use wooden furniture but they should be painted or stained to avoid being damaged by wine or food stains. Wicker and wrought-iron are the most ideal materials.
  • Make everyone comfortable with throw pillows, beanbags and cushions.

Constructing a pergola isn’t very complicated, but just like any other home-improvement project; you have to go through a careful planning process. If you wish to have a beautiful and durable pergola, employ the services of experienced builders. You can rely on Taskforce. They have a network of builders and handymen and respond to calls any time of the day or week. Simply dial 13TASK and you’ll be directed to the nearest franchisee.