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17 November 2015

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Looking for something festive to have around the home during Christmas but don’t want pine needles dropping all over the place? Real Christmas trees can be a hassle. Even though they smell wonderful, it’s not always worth it to cut them down, transport them, keep them watered and clean up after them.

So what are some good ideas for Christmas tree alternatives? Let’s have a look in the list below.

Baubles Hanging Christmas Tree

Hanging Baubles –

This requires a few sets of baubles, some time and some delicacy, but looks great. Hang baubles from the ceiling so they are arranged into a Christmas tree shape.

Cardboard Christmas Tree

Minimalistic Cardboard Christmas Tree –

You can find hand made, cardboard Christmas trees online. These look nice, simple and suit a modern home. They’re also biodegradable and are often made from recycled material. Rather than decorating the, they are the decorations themselves.


Advent Calendar Christmas Tree –

Combine two Christmas must-haves into one with a Christmas tree wall decoration that also acts an advent calendar. A great way to make your centerpiece an exciting part of the entire month of Christmas.


A Bookcase –

Sometimes it’s nice to keep Christmas about the personal things you love. A Christmas tree bookcase is a good way of making your home festive without completely changing the space.

Driftwood –

Making your own decoration is fun and gives your Christmas a personal touch. Collect some twigs or sticks to arrange into a Christmas tree shape for a delightful bespoke decoration.  


Chalkboard –

Our personal favourite. Put up a chalkboard on a wall in your home and draw your own Christmas tree. This is fun for anyone who visits you: get them to write you a Christmas message or draw on their own little decoration.


Christmas can get tired and clichéd. It’s a great idea to spice things up and experiment with the classic Christmas tree. Make your space you own and create something fantastic.