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12 October 2015

Cheap Backyard Ideas

Warmer weather is on the way! Your backyard is going to be transformed from a drizzly, cold, terrible patch of grass to a lush, wonderful space for spending time relaxing with friends. Backyards are easy to overlook, but they can be a great leisure space. Whether it’s a bit of private time you’re looking for, a place to host a barbecue, or an area that will inspire the kids, there are ways to completely transform the backyard without blowing out the budget.

Let’s have a look at some simple ways to make your backyard a little more interesting.

Set up a movie lounge.

You can buy a projector and screen set up for about $400 (or less if you stay on the lookout for bargains), so it’s not too expensive to set up an outdoor cinema. Buy some comfortable chairs, bean bags, a futon. Set up your projector, download The Wizard of Oz, hook up some simple computer speakers and you’ve got an outdoor cinema. Perfect. During the winter months you can bring the screen back inside to set up your home theatre indoors.

Space Flowers.

Ever wondered what an alien race would grow in their gardens? Well, it might be something like Alium Gigantium; huge, spherical flowers on long green stalks. These are great, rare, interesting plants that will make your garden a very unique space. You can even mix them in with some passion fruit vines, with their extraterrestrial flowers, to create an incredible, hallucinatory garden.

Turn an old bunk bed frame into a stargazing platform.

This is a great, simple idea. If you have a spare bunk bed frame, or know somebody who want to get rid of one, repurpose it as a stargazing platform. This is a great way to reuse something old, and it looks great. Simply strip the frame to is basics, repaint and set somewhere in your backyard with a clear view of the sky.

Pillows in a teepee.

With some calico and wooden dowel, tepees are relatively easy to build. Get the kids to decorate a large sheet of calico, lay down some sheets and pillows inside and you have the perfect little reading nook.


Building your own little fort using natural materials like wood is a bunch of fun. Collect some old scraps of wood, bark and leaves so you can build your own fort by making a lean-to against a tree in your backyard. Bring out some sheets for a more complete and impressive fort.