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Aside from warm bath and fresh bed sheets, there is another thing that can ease your mind and body after a long day at the office- greenery. Various studies support that the sight of nature can reduce stress and improve productivity; however, not all of us could stroll around the park on our way home.  To get a glimpse of nature daily, you can convert the deck into a green space with the help of professional building services Perth. Trees and plants do not only bring more life to your property but also lift its market value.

Whether you’re putting up a new deck or renovating an old one, you should consider sustainable solutions.  Redwood is amongst the most recommended materials in building or upgrading an outdoor space for several reasons with its cost at the very least. Compared to plastic composite (which has been a typical choice for outdoor structures), using redwood could save you several thousand dollars. Since it is also pest resistant it is a very sensible choice to people with frenzied schedules. Though cheaper, its tensile strength should never be underestimated. The gorgeous shade of this material is a perfect match to your greenery, creating a look that is hard not to admire. Make sure it is handled by professional building services Perth to get the best results! 

Container Gardening

Putting plants in small containers will allow you to green up small spaces. It’ll be easier to care for plants and move them around whenever you want to change how the deck looks. Here are some plants that do well in small pots:

Pumpkins: Bring more joy to your deck with their vibrant colors! A popular springtime buddy, pumpkins need some room to clamber on, but will grow generously.

Ginger and Turmeric: Throw some tropical air to your deck by growing ginger and turmeric. These lovely plants can flourish within a small space and can give you remedy for nausea, vomiting, bloating and other kinds of physical discomfort.

Peas: Make your deck even more irresistible with pea shoots! Grow these climbers so you will have something to pull whenever you need an edible garnish.

Parsley: Lovely to have around, this plant isn’t just used to adorn salads and meals but can also be made into a juice. The detoxifying property of this plant makes it a must-have for health buffs.

Mint: Delight in the refreshing taste and scent of mint. Plant this in small containers and have your own supply of mint leaves. You can also use this plant to concoct a natural pest repellant. 

Build a Garden Kitchen

If you have enough space, you want to build a small garden kitchen instead. With the help of professional building services Perth, it is possible to turn that nook into a nutrition wonderland. Here are the basics of the design process:

Analyze the site: Study the soil conditions and determine which plants thrive best in these conditions. Also check if the plants are going to get enough sunshine in this area and if there are any structure that might hamper with their growth.

Design continuity: A basic rule in design is the repetition of colors or materials to inspire the feeling of continuity. Try to apply this to your garden kitchen to make it look like an extension of your home. It doesn’t have to be totally the same; you may pick a few areas that will serve as representation of the kitchen’s relationship to the main house. Professional building services Perth will advise of the materials best suited for your home’s style and budget and zone climate.

Plant Around the Kitchen: Harvesting, weeding and pruning are easier when plants are just outside the window. You’ll also take delight in picking ingredients for your salad and preparing it in an outdoor social space.

Boarder Up: Create a cozy feeling and keep animals out by enclosing the garden with wooden fence, woven wire or metal. Don’t forget to regard the style of your home when choosing a material.

The Floor: Brick and stone are the popular option for the kitchen floor and walkways. You may also use mulch or straw to maintain the country atmosphere. 

Organic Gardening

Controversies about the use of pesticides and genetically-modified organisms might have had thinking about the fruits and vegetables that you pick up from supermarkets. To be at ease, why don’t you try organic gardening? A sparse piece of land, some good soil and patience will let you have chemical-free fruits and veggies within your reach. Professional building services Perth can make a layout that will connect your deck to a garden.

Test the Soil: Choose an area within your property that you want to turn into an organic garden. Get a soil sample from that area and check its profile.  Home kits which can test the pH level, nutrient content and other soil characteristics are sold at various garden supply stores. Depending on the results of the tests, you should fill up what’s missing or try to balance the chemical contents of the soil in order to make it favorable for the plants.

Pick the Right Plants:

You definitely wish to have everything in your organic garden, unfortunately, not all plants can thrive in a wide range of climate and soil conditions. Pick only the plants that are best suited for your zone (thankfully, the Australian weather is favorable to numerous species of fruits and vegetables). Start with seeds to be assured that you’ll grow chemical-free organisms.

Prepare the Bed: Leave rows between plants to reduce risk of fungal growth and promote air circulation. Till the soil and apply compost above it. You may also leave wood chips and grass clippings to ward off weed growth.  Continue to monitor the condition of soil using the home kit.

Watering in the morning is advised because the rate of evaporation is slower during this time of the day. Pluck out plants that show signs of fungal or bacterial infection to keep other plants from getting infected. But don’t throw the infected plants on the compost pile, incinerate them instead.

Plant Fruit Trees

Complete the transformation of your deck by planting fruit-bearing trees around. Many of us of dream of picking fresh fruits hanging from the beautiful trees from our deck, however, there are land restrictions. If you are allowed to plant fruit trees and you have extra space, consider planting the dwarf varieties. Professional building services Perth can build or remodel your deck in a way that you can get access to the fruits of your trees. It will take a few years before they begin to produce, but once they’re certainly worth waiting for. Moreover, many would be interested to buy a property that has fruit-bearing trees. They’re really great investments because all that you have to do is water them and protect them from pests. Here are some tips for a fruitful harvest:

Allelopathy: Note the plants and trees around the area where you want to place the fruit tree. There is competition among plant organisms and others are taking it very seriously. Some plants produce substances that can be toxic to other plants, to ensure that they have exclusive access to water and nutrients.

Soil Quality: An imbalance in the chemical composition of the soil can have a huge impact on the success of your endeavors. Excessive clay will make your tree prone to root rot. Insufficient phosphate will hamper with root development. Excessive nitrogen will make your tree leafy but will increase its risks for certain diseases.

Sunlight: Fruit trees love to bask under the sun, so be sure to pick a spot where they can get enough sunshine. You may use the branches of these trees as shade for your deck.

Maintenance: You’ll have to continue monitoring the soil quality while the fruit trees are young. Once they’ve reached their maturity, sporadic check on soil quality would suffice. Prune them conservatively and examine them regularly for signs of illness.

Turning your deck into a greener space is a worthwhile thing to do because you’ll be engaging in a stress-reducing activity while raising your property’s market value and growing chemical-free crops. By following the easy steps above, you can create a soothing environment within your backyard that friends and family can enjoy.

If you believe that your DIY skills aren’t enough, consider hiring professional building services Perth to refurbish your deck. Paying for the services of skilled individuals is better than try to doing it all on your own and only enjoy it for a short span of time.

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