Sun Tubes or Skylights: Which are better?

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One of the most important parts of redesigning or reinvigorating your home is ensuring that there is enough light. Making sure that you have a well lit home will make your home seem larger, cleaner and, in a strange way, more fresh. You feel as though the barriers between you and the outside world have been broken down. That’s because the have! Using skylight or sun tubes actually brings natural light into your home. Natural light is a great thing. It’s easier on the eyes, makes people feel more comfortable and even makes people feel healthier.

            But there are various options when choosing to maximise your natural light. Let’s have a look at them below.


Larger Windows –

Perhaps the most obvious thing to do it to replace your windows with larger ones, install new windows, or redesign old ones. However, this can be very expensive (really!) and can be quite a large operation. You also have the added risk of reduced insulation by making your windows larger.


Skylights -  

Skylights aim to maximise the amount of light coming into your house through size. They are almost like a window in your roof, allowing sunshine to filter down into your house.
            - One of the big benefits of skylights is that their size allows them to capture a large amount of sunlight and even it out a little. Rather than getting an intense light, you get a nice, mellow light that matches the general lighting outdoors.

            - Because of their large size, they can sometimes be slightly costly. They also require no obstructions between the top of your external roof and your ceiling. This limits where they can be place.


Sun tubes –

Sun tubes use a tunnel of mirrors to direct light from outside into a room. They can be extended a little more than sunlight, which allows them to move around any obstacles that are in the way.

            - Because they are slightly smaller, they may also be slightly cheaper than skylights.

            - The tube is designed to concentrate the light to compensate for the small size.

            - Sun tubes sometimes result in lighting that is too bright or harsh, especially on days with a large amount of sun anyway.


            - Some sun tubes come with black out shades which allow you to temper the amount of light coming through or shut them off entirely. On days that there is too much light, there should be enough ambient light to fill your room anyway if you have nearby windows.


Lighting is different for every room. Take note of how people use it when you step into their homes. All of the above options are environmentally friendly and result in a space that is livelier and healthier. Let there be light.


If you’re looking to have someone install some natural lighting for your home, give someone a call on 13TASK or book a job here – it’s easy!


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