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Cubby houses are great fun for the kids and are also a nice project to work on. What’s great about a fort or cubby house is that they can be as simple or complex as you want. They give your children and area for them to take care of and make their own. They’re adaptable; a simple wood structure might be a castle to one kid and a pirate ship to another. Cubby houses are also robust and will outlast your children’s childhood. A cubby house building project is a great thing to throw yourself into on some of your spare weekends. You can even get the kids involved in designing and helping to build the cubby house.

Let’s look at how to build a cubby house from scratch.

The floor

A simple wooden floor will do the trick but should be elevated to avoid too much contact with the soil. Soil can draw water into the wood and cause it to rot.

The walls

Walls can be rather basic, as long as they support the roof that you intent to put on top of them. The complexity of the walls (and flooring) will depend on the floorplan of your cubby house. A simple one-room cubby house should be relatively straightforward. If you choose to add a small verandah, second room or create your cubby house in a strange shape, it will take more planning. More complex cubby houses may also require more wood, which is worth considering.


Because cubby houses are left outside in the weather and are not regularly maintained, they can often warp and become misshapen. For this reason, it’s a good idea to leave a reasonable amount of room between the door and its frame.


Cubby house windows should be open or should use a clear plastic. Glass is a bad idea, as broken shards are dangerous. You should assume that your cubby house will be very, very rigorously tested by your children when they play in it. Make everything as break-proof as possible.

The roof

Simple aluminium sheeting is enough for a backyard cubby house. To avoid water pooling on the roof, raise one end by making the walls of the cubby house uneven. Alternatively, go for a full A-frame roof. This will take a little more time, effort, know-how and resources, but will give your cubby house a more professional look.


The best part about a cub house is the small details, so put in some creative touches wherever possible. Put in an eagle’s nest, a secret trapdoor, a moat. Think of ways to really make your cubby house something fun that you know the kids will love.

If building a cubby house is not something you have time for, hire a carpenter or handyman to do it for you. Taskforce has carpenters and handymen available 24/7, Australia wide – give them a call on 13TASK.



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