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How to Choose a Home Builder

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If you are looking at building a new home, you should choose for your builder as carefully as you choose your home. Whether you’re looking at a condo, a townhouse, a house in a subdivision or a custom-built house, you want to trust that you are hiring a reputable builder.

Here’s some advice to help you select a builder.

Make a List of Possible Builders: Once you’ve considered the sort of house you would like, construct a list of potential builders.

  • Contact the home builders' association to request a directory of builders who are in your area. You can find your local HBA at
  • Look within the real estate section of your newspaper for builders. Perusing the ads and reading the articles will assist you in finding which builders are available in your area, the types of homes that they build and their prices. Add the most relevant to your situation to your list.
  • Local realty estate agents might also assist you in your search.
  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family.

Do Your Due Diligence: Once you have your list, it's time to consult the potential builders to get answers to all of your questions. Consult potential home builders to get the answers to all the questions you have. Here’s  few examples of the types of questions you should be asking.

  • Do you have references
  • Can the floor plan have addition features?
  • Can features be customised? (Door handles, light fittings etc?)
  • Are there any hidden fees?
  • Do you offer warranty?

Contact the references given or visit the builder’s subdivision and chat to home owners there and ask for their feedback. Some questions to ask home owners include:

    • Are you happy with your home?
    • If you had any problems, were they fixed promptly and properly?
    • Would you use this builder again?

People will usually confess if they are satisfied with their homes. And if they’re not, they'll often tell you why.

  • Take notes when talking to the builders and references. Note yours and their impressions about their dealings with the builder and their homes. This will make comparison later much easier.

Shop for Quality and Value

View new homes whenever possible. Show homes and open homes sponsored by builders are great opportunities to inspect their work closer. Show homes are often fully furnished and decorated to show different uses for each area.

When inspecting a home, check the quality of the construction features. Inspect the cabinetry, carpeting, trim work and paint. Ask questions to obtain as many specifics as possible.

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