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05 August 2015

Build an Awesome Man Cave on a Low Budget

Do you feel uncomfortable watching a football game with your manly friends in a room with floral print wallpaper? How many times has your limited edition Star Wars Lightsaber (a very manly object) been accidentally used as a broom handle? Do you want to talk about “men only” things without the fear of being eavesdropped? The solution to these problems is to build a “man cave”.

Millions of men drooled over Tony Stark’s man cave from the Iron Man franchise. It had classic cars, awesome art, robots, computers and a juicer! But you don’t have to be a genius, playboy, philanthropic superhero in order to have your own sanctuary. With a small budget and some creative ideas, it is possible to create a man cave that can turn any boyscout into a lumberjack.

Get a Room

Find a space in your home that can be converted into a fortress of masculinity. It can be a spare bedroom, cupboard, basement or a garage. All you need is some space that can be decked out. Just make sure you assess the area before you mount or install anything so you know what needs to be repaired first. You don’t want an electrical glitch to cut short a heart-pounding episode of Game of Thrones.

Take Advantage of the Wall

A fresh coat is going to revive the entire room. Instead of painting the walls with one plain colour, consider creating a mural. A mural of a man fighting a bear with a sword. Otherwise, hang that huge sailfish you caught on the wall. Or hang up your collection of chest hair.

Decorate It with Your Own Stuff

Fill the place with things that represent your personality. Install some shelves that will hold your basketball trophies, Star Wars collection or biking helmet. Don’t bother going out and buying new stuff. Use the stuff you already have but don’t have a place for.

Go Online Shopping

Go hunting for unique items that will impress the lads. Look for limited-edition collectibles and vintage photos of things you are passionate about. You might be surprised by the assortment of sellers online and their affordable prices. Filling the room with these rare objects will make it more interesting—and will give you more stories to tell!

Let There Be (COOL) Lighting

Pop culture has embedded in everybody’s brain that a man’s cave must look like some kind of a cool hangout; a dimly-lit sports bar. Decorate your man cave with LED signs that says “Happy Hour”, “Cold Beer”,”OPEN 24 HRS” for $89 to $200. But if you’re determined to stay cheap, you can just hang string lights or switch to coloured bulbs. Covering lamps with coloured cellophane is also a brilliant idea.

Bring in Some Nice Seating

Recliners have been mainstays in man caves since the invention of the moustache, but they can be a little expensive. Single seating is typically around $400-$600 while group seating can go up to $1000-$2500. You can save a great deal by just buying wooden chair, or cutting a big hunk of wood into a cube and sitting on that. Real men adjust. If you have a thing for cars, try forming chairs with old tires! An old beer case can also be made into an attention-grabbing side table.

Stack it with the Essentials

Bring in a mini fridge and a cooler and load with drinks and snacks. Nobody wants to head to the stores to restock halfway through watching the game, so make sure you have your resources on hand.

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