Integrate Safety in Your Bathroom Planning

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Safety is often forgotten when planning a bathroom renovation because we get too excited with high-flying ideas. Listed below are the things you must incorporate in the plan to prevent injury and property damage.


Avoid Glass Fixtures

You walk around the bathroom barefooted so it’s best to leave out glass containers. For a family bathroom, it’s also not a good idea to put in glass toothbrush holders and soap dispensers.


Use High-quality Shower Enclosures

A glass shower door can add sparkle and illusion of space to your bathroom but make sure it is impact resistant. It is also advised to use doors with handle for accessibility and so that you have something to hold onto should you fall.


Prevent Lockouts

Children are fascinated by locks so make sure your bathroom doors can be opened the outside. Persons with disabilities might encounter difficult reaching or manipulating the lock.


Prevent Slips

Bathroom floors can get slippery from water, soap residues and spilled lotion. Many floor manufacturers offer slip-resistant products these days. Check them out or talk to reliable bathroom renovation company in Perth for sound recommendations.

You are also less likely to slip on small tiles because they use more grout, which means more traction.


Install Grab Bars

Grab bars are very sensible bathroom additions because they can help you reduce effort when trying to stand and maintain balance. You can put it next to the toilet or tub and in the shower area.


Don’t Get Scalded

Another bathroom hazard is scalding. Make sure you are comfortable with the water temperature before turning on the shower or dipping into the tub. A device that mixes cold water with hot water before it goes of out the showerhead to prevent harm or inconvenience.


Prevent Electrical Shocks

Bathroom electrical devices are at risk of coming in contact with water, which is dangerous. Bring in a licensed electrician to install electric outlets that are outfitted with ground-fault circuit interrupters or GFCIs. These instantly break the electrical flow once the device touches water.

There are no rules on bathroom colour and design but safety is obligatory. Make sure it is integrated in your plan. Hire an experienced bathroom designer in Perth to prevent accidents and improve your home’s value.

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