Features that NEVER Go Amiss in Your Bathroom

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The average cost of a bathroom remodel doesn’t fall far from five digits so you must make sure it’s going to give huge returns when it comes to comfort, enjoyment and resale. However, the choices are maddeningly wide. To help you get the most of the remodel, we’ve listed down the ultimate bathroom must-haves.

1.Install Quartz Countertop

Natural stone is a timeless material. Put in anywhere and you won’t think of replacing it for decades. Quartz is essentially maintenance free; its colour goes from top to bottom and it is stain-resistant. The surface is also impenetrable, which prevents bacterial growth.

Each square foot is relatively expensive but the beauty will last for a lifetime. If you don’t have the budget, try synthetic quartz.

2.Install Motion-activated Taps

Motion-activated taps have a simple, trend-defying design that can make your bathroom snuggly and classy at the same time. They are the perfect additions if you have plans of selling the property several years from now. To top it all, there’s the economical factor. Motion-activated will automatically shut off when you do not need water. You can definitely save gallons of water with this fixture.

3.A Sliding Door

Every square footage of your bathroom must be used wisely. Do not waste several square feet by installing a swinging door. A sliding door will move out of the way and provide more space for design flexibility. Since we’re talking about being wise here, consider salvaged materials to make an interesting sliding door.

There are sliding door kits but if you’re not very handy, better leave to the hands of an experienced handyman Perth.

4.Humidity-regulated Exhaust Fan

Any bathroom must have sufficient ventilation. But you do not want to open the window during the peak of winter to regulate humidity. Instead a humidity-regulated exhaust fan instead. This device can sense if the moisture levels of the room. It will automatically switch off once the humidity is stabilised to prevent mould growth and maintain a comfortable temperature. Just make that the fan vents outside and not towards the attic.

5.A Dual-flush Toilet

All of us must take part in the global campaign of reducing water usage. Do your part and install a dual-flush toilet. Compared to regular toilets, this type of fixture uses less water. Aside from the savings, it can be an important selling point in the future. An experienced plumber Perth can walk you through the most modern options that can make your home more cost-effective.

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