5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Fit Your Style and Budget

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You want a cosy bathroom that reflects personal taste but you are also stuck with the need for lasting elements. Thankfully, there are ways to enjoy both worlds at the same time.

1.Be consistent.

Any remodelling project should not be based on improvisation. You must have a plan and you must stick to it as much as possible. Before tearing down the walls, make sure you already know what to replace it with and how much the replacement will cost.

Experts suggest at least 6 months of planning to ensure all bases are covered. This should also be enough time to come up with a resolute decision. Resist any shift because delays swell the cost of the project.

Only work with a licensed contractor because they will prepare a contract that details the schedule, budget and clear terms and conditions. Make sure to go through it before signing anything.

2.Keep what you can keep.

You are going to save a lot by using what’s already there. For example, if you’re building a bathroom in the second floor, you’re going to save a lot by aligning it with the bathroom in the first floor.

Consider sliding doors and pedestal sinks because they take up less space. And be creative with storage spaces.

3.Make sure there’s enough light.

Your intricately-designed floors and fabulous fixtures won’t be appreciated if they are kept in the shadows. Make sure there’s general lighting (for general cleaning and if you need to find something) and task lighting (for grooming and drama).

4.Pay attention to ventilation.

Although the bathroom is not the usual place for deep breathing, you should still pay attention to its ventilation system. Poor ventilation can promote mould and mildew growth, fog the mirrors and make the floors slippery. Furthermore, too much moisture can ruin finishes and damage wood products. Consider an exhaust fan with a humidity detector because it will keep indoor air quality in check. Also, make sure that the licensed electrician Perth will install the fan in a way the air is exhausted to the outdoors.

5.Take up some of the work

Trim your contractor bills by taking up some of the work like painting and installing the trim and shelves. Make this clear at the beginning of the project so the contractor can deduct these from your bill.

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