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27 July 2015

Bathroom Renovation Challenges You Can't Overlook

Miscalculation of budget

Bathroom remodelling cost is often underestimated, which is why homeowners who go for the DIY route end up sacrificing something along the way. For example, you spent a huge portion of the budget on fancy fixtures not knowing that the flooring and all other materials are just as expensive, and in the end you resort to cheap, low-quality options. Bringing in professional help will help you prepare for what’s ahead. Experienced builders are up to date with costs of materials and can make suggestions on how to build your plan and budget.

Incorrect installation

Faucet, shower, toilet and tub installation is an important thing to get right. One wrong move might lead to an accident or costly damage. A lot of precision is required and most often, it’s worth hiring a professional. It’s dangerous working with water and electricity, and you need to get somebody who has qualifications and experience for that kind of work.

Incorrect spacing

Bathrooms are generally smaller than other parts of a home. DIY-ers often forget this and cram too many things into a small space. Professionals from TaskForce know how to maximize a tiny space while adhering to building codes. Call them by any time on 13TASK.

Lack of storage

DYI-ers often forget about storage space. It’s the easiest thing to forget, but also the most inconvenient. Make sure you don’t fall short when predicting the need for storage spaces. Most of the time, you will need much more than you think and there’s no such thing as too much storage space.

Don’t fall for style

Choosing style over function is never a wise move because it doesn’t always take into account longevity and function. Of course, ftrends also go out of fashion. Unfortunately, many DYI-ers fall into this trap.

Insufficient lighting

Lighting is another easy thing to overlook because you’re going to be doing most of your work with the lights on. It’s different when the project is finished and you use the bathroom in the early morning or late night. If you’re going to build a bathroom DIY, make sure you take lighting into account.

Insufficient ventilation

Ventilation is typically ignored by DYI-ers because the bathroom isn’t operational when you’re building it. Without sufficient ventilation, moisture will accumulate and cause mold and mildew growth.

Issues with electrical wiring and plumbing

If you’re not a specialist in plumbing and wiring, you might overlook outdated or faulty wires and pipes. Tackling electrical and plumbing issues without sufficient skills and knowledge can be risky and dangerous.

Poor or incorrect materials

Certain materials aren’t suitable for bathroom use, and as a novice you might make the mistake of using them. As a DYI-er, you have no experience with various construction materials, making you vulnerable to cheap prices of poor-quality materials.

Various factors need to be considered in a bathroom remodelling project, and some of them may not be familiar to you.  By hiring the expert builders of TaskForce, you can be assured that function, style and safety are met. No matter how big or small the project is, it is best to let the professionals handle it. They are ready to assist, just dial 13TASK.